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Pictures From A Cold Sunday

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It may have been a cold Sunday but that never stopped my Camera, my Dog and I from going out for a drive.


Along The Speed River January 15 2019

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Picture Of The Day Sunday, January 13th—-A Dog In The Woods

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The Music Of Captain Fantastic

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One of my 1970’s musical heroes is Elton John and while he is not for everyone’s tastes I have liked his music since I first heard his album Honky Chateau around 1972. And like I did with David Bowie I have come up with the 10 albums that I consider his best, these are not in order of commercial success but the albums that I enjoy the most. Everybody has there own opinion and this is mine.


As with Bowie, there were more than 10 albums I like in his repertoire and many had to be left out but still deserve a mention. Not making my list were some good albums but just not good enough for me, The Union made with Leon Russell, Peachtree Road, Empty Sky and Sleeping With The Past were good albums but not good enough to make my list. So on to the top 10.

10) Elton John (1970) This was his second album but released in North America before Empty Sky, therefore many consider it his debut. This album contains 3 really solid songs including his first big hit Your Song, as well as Take Me To The Pilot and Border Song, however not to be overlooked are First Episode at Hienton and The King Must Die, the album was nominated for a Grammy in 1971.

9) The Captain And The Kid (2006) This was his 28th studio album and is a sequel to Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy and covers events in his and Bernie Taupin’s live in the years between the two albums. It only contained one single The Bridge which is just basically Elton and his piano, he has stated that it can “apply to anyone” at any time in their lives and having to move on instead of living in the past. They either cross the bridge, die trying, or fade away. Like most of his albums, there are hidden gems on there, songs like Postcards From Richard Nixon, Just Like Noahs Ark and the Title track The Captain and The Kid.

8) Caribou (1974) His 8th album contains 2 big hits, The Bitch Is Back and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, both these songs hit #1 in Canada as did the album and was also nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammy’s. other songs of Interest are “Grimsby”, “You’re So Static”, “Ticking” and “Dixie Lily”. 

7) Reg Strikes Back (1988) This album most likely does not wind up on many top 10 Elton lists but for some strange reason, this is a favorite of mine. The album was considered a comeback for him and contains a good mixture of upbeat tunes and some good slower stuff, the four singles off this album were I Don’t Wanna go on with you like That, Town Of Plenty, Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters part 2 and A Word in Spanish. Japanese Hands and Goodbye Marlon Brando while not singles are as good as any others on this album. This one is definitely on my You have to listen to this album to appreciate it list.

6) Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player (1973) Elton’s 6th album gave him not 1 but 2 number 1 singles in Canada, Crocodile Rock, and Daniel. And who couldn’t like an album that pays homage to 50’s Rock (Crocodile Rock) an attempt to record a song like Van Morrison( High flying Bird) a tribute to Marc Bolan (I’m gonna be a Teenage Idol) and a Rolling Stones homage (Midnight Creeper) as well as some rockers like Teacher I need You and Have mercy On The Criminal and a poignant love song like Blues For My Baby and me. The Title of the album is even a little nod and a wink to Oscar Wilde’s famous quote ” Don’t shoot the piano player, he’s doing his best, and the album’s cover photograph, which shows a young couple outside a movie theatre whose marquee reads Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player starring Elton John, also includes a movie poster of the Marx Brothers’ film Go West. 

5) Madman Across The Water (1971) This album was his fourth album and was very raw sounding in comparison to his first 3, and while it did well in North America did not do well back home in England and contains the now classic Tiny Dancer and Levon. Indian Sunset, Razor Face and Holiday Inn are very good tracks that deserve a little more credit than they get and the Title track Madman across the Water is in my opinion as good a song as Tiny Dancer.

4) Honky Chateau (1972) Released after Madman it reached #1 in North America thanks in part to it’s biggest hit Rocket Man and to a lesser degree Honky Cat(which I prefer), some of the other songs on the album that stand out to me are Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters, Think I’m gonna Kill Myself and Hercules, while the song Mellow is a very solid ballad. but Honky Cat with it’s New Orleans sound and an obvious tip of the hat to Dr.John styling makes this album worth the listen.

3)Goodbye Yellow Brick Road( 1973) This double Album has sold over 40 million units worldwide and to most critics, it is his finest moment and it is hard to disagree but alas I put it at #3. From the opening song funeral For a Friend/Love lies bleeding through the hits Candle in the Wind, Bennie and the Jets, Goodbye Yellow Brick road and of course Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting the 18 tracks just keep you listening waiting for the next one. However I found some of the tracks were just filler to me and didn’t really mesh well, however, 3 songs that were not singles stand up just as well as the hits, The Ballad of Danny Bailey(1909-1934), All The girls love Alice and Your Sister Can’t Twist( But She Can Rock And Roll). And while I still listen to this album I tend to pick and choose my songs more on this one than the two I put in front of it.

2) Tumbleweed Connection( 1970) His third album and the only one of his ’70 era albums containing a song not written by Elton and Bernie Taupin, Love Song, was written by Leslie Duncan. This is also an album that had no singles released in Europe or North America but still hit #2 in England and #5 in Canada. The album itself is a concept album based on Americana themes like the Old West, songs like Ballad Of A Well known Gun, Country Comfort and talking old soldiers try to convey a turn of the century feel and succeed to some degree. Amoreena, Come Down In Time, and Love Song are very solid, well, Love Songs and Where To Now St Peter tells the tale of a dying soldier not sure whether his final destination is heaven or Hell, and is the song I like the best on the disc. A good Listen and not a bad song on it.

1) Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975). The autobiography of Elton(The Captain) and Bernie(The Kid) told through their words and music and like Tumbleweed not a missed beat along the way. It debuted in Canada at #1 and was certified Gold before it was even released, it also had only 1 single off it, Someone Saved My Life Tonight. Every song tells a segment of the history of the duo with Bitter Fingers, Tell me when the whistle blows, Better off Dead and Writing coming off as true Elton and Bernie Classics. Of Someone saved my life Tonight is a true story of a suicide attempt by Elton because of a failed relationship with a woman, and the someone? That was his old mentor Long John Baldry who saved him, bet you didn’t know that did ya? It’s an album that I rate high in my list of all-time albums and one of the reasons that I put this as his best, but also it was the last album with the original lineup of the Elton John Band (guitarist Davey Johnstone, bassist Dee Murray, and drummer Nigel Olsson). Murray and Olsson, who had formed John’s rhythm section since 1970, were sacked prior to the recording of the follow-up album Rock of the Westies, while Johnstone would leave in 1978.

So there it is, my List of the best Of Elton John, feel free to pick it apart.

Waiting Patiently for Dinner

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What’s In A Name?

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Throughout the history of recorded music bands have been named after their founders and in the Rock and Roll era it has been no different, we have had The J.Geils Band, Alan Parsons Project, Santana, CSNY, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to name just a few. But sometimes a band names themselves after someone who is not in the band or they make up their name to throw people off perhaps, some have used literary works to find a name, the following are just some of the bands that have no one in the band with that name.

Pink Floyd is the one that jumps out right away and on the Wish, You Were Here album they even wrote a song called Have a Cigar, with the line, “Oh By the way which one is Pink”

Lynyrd Skynyrd is named after a teacher of some of the members, Jethro Tull has no one named Jethro or Tull but instead is named after an 18th-century agriculturist. Molly Hatchet has no one named Molly and the name was taken from an infamous prostitute who killed her clients, the Marshall Tucker Band is not named after a band member but instead after a blind Piano Tuner.

Billy Talent has no one named Billy, There is no one named Max Webster in the band Max Webster, 70’s Canadian pop band Edward Bear had no one named Edward either but was named after a character in Winnie the Pooh, There is a band in England called Ella Guru whose name was taken from the Captain Beefheart song of the same name and Derek and the Dominos is, of course, Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle and Jim Gordon with a little help from Duane Allman.

I left Alice Cooper till last because of the circumstances around the name, there was a band called Alice Cooper in the late 60’s that the future Alice Cooper belonged to, Vince Furnier went by his real name at the time and did not start using the Alice Cooper moniker professionally and legally until the band broke up and he went solo in 1974, so technically The Alice Cooper Band had no one actually named Alice.

And that brings me to the “Brothers” the bands that used the name Brothers in their title but were in fact not brothers. The Statler Brothers of Country music fame were not named Statler even though two of the members were brothers but named Reid, not Statler. The Righteous Brothers were not related and not named Righteous, The Flying Burrito Brothers were certainly not Burritos or Brothers and the Doobie Brothers, well I think we know how that name came about. And finally, a little twist as I put Mumford and Sons in this list just because while the band does have a Marcus Mumford in the band the rest of the members are not related and are definitely not his sons, but that is nitpicking I know. I could also put the Ramones in here because while not related they all used the Ramone surname professionally.

So there is my list, and as always that is just my opinion.

My Favourite Photo’s in 2018

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Of over 2000 pictures that I shot in 2018 the following images are what I consider the best of the bunch. I left a lot of interesting shots out due to space limitations but I feel these show the reader what 2018 was like for myself. Enjoy and here’s to a photogenic 2019

Our Trip To Saint John Part 3. Walking on the Ocean Floor.

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AAA_0376Outside of Saint John on route 111 is the Town of St. Martins which sits at the heart of the Bay of Fundy and while it is a little town with a picture perfect view it is also the home of the Red Sea caves and the one place where you can walk on the Ocean Floor. When the tides go out in the bay it creates a breathtaking experience that stays with you long after you have left the area, the floor that is left exposed provides an opportunity to explore the caves that are underwater most of the time and a rocky surface that provides a multitude of colour and shapes that anyone interested in rocks could spend hours looking through. The covered bridges and the lighthouse are part of the scenery and are well worth the visit if you are in New Brunswick, and just walking on the Ocean floor is worth the trip.




Our Trip to Saint John Part 2: The Statues of Downtown

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One of the best ideas for a vibrant downtown that I have seen is Saint John’s use of everyday statues to bring the camera crowd in. the have most of them in a small area near the bay and the restaurants and shops and at any time you can find someone getting their picture taken with them. The statues range from a mother and child to people on motorbikes and old folks just sitting around and are a lighthearted look at the everyday life of a Saint John Resident.


Our Trip To Saint John N.B. The Wolastoq Park Edition.

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The main part of The Summer of 2018 is almost over and it has been a very interesting one for both my Wife and me, and over the next few weeks, I will be writing a few stories on what we did this summer.

We started the main part of summer with an early trip in June to Saint John New Brunswick the birthplace of my Wife Dale, and a place that I had never been, so it was going to be, for me a very unique experience and we start this series with a visit to Wolastoq Park.

Wolastoq Park overlooks the Saint John River or as the original inhabitants, the Maliseet people called it “The Beautiful River”, it was established in 2004 and has walking trails and a unique way of teaching about the historical figures that have had a hand in Saint John’s history. Koluskap, the Great Beaver, Samuel de Champlain, Madame La Tour, George Oland and K.C. Irving are just a few of the folks who are represented in Statue form. These statues are spread throughout the park and as you go through them you get an idea of the city’s past and the significance of them all, and at the end of it all you can just sit on a bench, have a sandwich and a drink and view the river or gaze at the city’s skyline, you won’t be sorry.

A Day In Elora

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With no real plans for Sunday, my wife and I decided to head for one of the small towns that make up my ancestry.  Elora Ontario is one of the locations that the Hillis family called home in it’s past. My Great-Grandfather George was a bit of a legend in Elora at one time, and I will be writing more on him in the future, and my paternal Grandparents are buried in the Elora Cemetery along with distant family members, some I knew, many I did not.  And of course, I brought along my trusty Nikon to record some of the day and here are the results.


Wilson Fest 2018

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Sunday, August 5th was the annual Wilson Fest on Redwood here in Hespeler and as usual, our Host’s Jim and Lynne Wilson along with their trusted sidekick Barry Warren put on a day that will remain etched in everybody’s memories as the food was great, the booze flowed and the music provided by DJ Steve Copeland got most everyone up dancing and a few brave ones doing  karaoke, all that plus they raised a $1,000 for Lisaard house made it another great day. My thanks to everyone for having a good time and making my pictures complete. There are over 300 pictures, so this is just a few of them I will post more later but for now, enjoy these and remember only 364 days till next year.



Working the Yard

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When we moved out of our house a few years ago we never thought that we would be back in it but due to circumstances beyond our control we reclaimed the house 2 years ago and boy did it look different. Both the inside and the outside were in ruins, the rooms had holes galore, the paint job that my wife Dale had done was covered up with some god awful colours, windows were nailed shut, I could go on but you get the point. We spent the first year redoing the inside and brought it back to some semblance of normality.  As for the yard, well it was a sight to see, no grass was left anywhere in the backyard it was nothing but a mud bowl, a giant hole that was filled in with loose gravel began to shift and our patio stones were beginning to go with them, needless to say, it also was a disaster. After leaving it for almost a year and a half we have finally got around to repairing everything out there and while we are only halfway done we hope to finish it by mid-summer. This is just some photos of the yard, and as I said, still a long way to go. Where there was mud, there are now patches of grass, the privacy fence is up and we sit outside without dust being blown around. The fight continues.

Spring Photos

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Spring is finally here and as usual, I have the evidence in picture form.

A Niagara Falls Weekend

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My wife and I had an enjoyable weekend in Niagara Falls, played the slots, had dinner at the Keg and a great walk around town. Left with .50c profit from the casino, so not too shabby at all. Here is some pictorial evidence.


A Winters Tale

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Right up front, I will say that I have a true love-hate relationship with Winter, yes I love to hate Winter.  But I must be honest, it is not really all that bad and over the many years of my existence, I have learned a few things to enjoy about winter and am still learning as I go along on this whole life trip. I used to enjoy downhill skiing until my Spider Sabich wannabe stage broke a few bones and I switched to cross-country skiing which I discovered was a little more relaxing and less dangerous to my body.

Over the many winters and watching my Father for many years, I learned about the great ways to shovel my driveway and today I am really going to need that plan, it involves beer that is all I have to say about that.

As a young man I thought I was tough and wearing ear muffs was goofy looking,  well at 60 I can attest that anything that keeps me warm, including earmuffs, is not at all goofy, hell they are actually kind of cool, and the more unique and interesting Winter hats I can wear, well all the better.

Longjohns, yes they are good they keep you warm but when out walking the dog they become a hazard if you suddenly feel the urge to go pee in the woods yourself, a fair warning, they can take a while to get to the main part of your anatomy.

On that same vein as long johns I have discovered that it takes me a lot longer to get dressed to go out, what used to be just slipping on my boots and throwing on my coat now requires some assembly to be ready to step out the front door.

A January thaw is not an unusual site and I have now realized that there is treasure sometimes in the melting snowbanks of parking lots around town. As the snow banks recede you can find some neat things and some bad things, I found a really cool ice scraper in one, a set of gloves in another, someone’s underwear but I didn’t keep that and really don’t want to know how it got there either, and of course tons of Tim Horton cups and fast food bags. And many years ago as a teenager, I found out you don’t write your name in the snowbank in urine in front of your mother’s church on cold Saturday nights, they seem to have a way to find out about it.

And I have learned a really neat trick from my dog, a fresh bag of dog doo will keep your hands warm for a few minutes while you slip your gloves back on after picking it up, however you have to remember to take it out of your coat pocket as well when you get home, it is not as good the next day.

So, in closing, I say enjoy winter, but come on Spring.


Call It A Stormy Monday

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Since the first Monday there have been over 100,000 Mondays and yet the world still goes on and I have to say that most Mondays I rather enjoy because it is usually a day off for myself, but there are exceptions. Both my parents passed away on a Monday, albeit 20 years apart but still, it was a Monday, and I can now add this past Monday to my list of dastardly days of Monday, and here is how it started.

As I wrote earlier I am usually off on Monday but this Monday I was scheduled to work and so I rose early to greet the morning and the abundance of snow that fell to earth. I went downstairs to make my morning Java and that is when the day fell apart and the world turned ugly just like a certain Monday in 1929 when the Stock market crashed. By the way, it helps to put a coffee cup under the drip mechanism of your Keurig machine as it makes a fine mess, after cleaning that up I finally got my coffee and proceeded to get  dressed with no issues and after throwing on my coat and mitts headed to the great outdoors, or so i thought.  Boy was I wrong, I went to open my front door and as luck would have it, it wouldn’t open, the bolt had broken and was wedged in the door jam not allowing me to open it, after 20 minutes of words that I don’t believe my Dog ever heard before and taking apart the mechanism I got the door opened and was on my way, again so I thought. Now, if you thought my car didn’t start you would be wrong, it started no problem and as I brushed all the snow off the vehicle the broken door handle was just a bad memory, with the snow all brushed off I jumped into said vehicle and turned on the wiper blades to clear what was left on the windshield and presto..the wiper blades didn’t work, they were just sitting on the window mocking me. Luckily the snow had stopped falling and I got the car to Ott’s garage and eventually I got to the Restaurant on time, but more fun awaited me there, for when I walked in and went to the back of the kitchen the first thing I saw was that one of the freezer doors had come open during the night and had defrosted everything in it, oh but it gets better, one of our  deep fryers had given up as well the night before. Oh, it was a glorious day in my life, well at least I had pants on, that should count for something, shouldn’t it?

2017 Hespeler Santa Claus Parade

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Saturday, December 2 was the annual Hespeler Santa Claus Parade and as usual, they had a great turnout and a fantastic parade.   Here are just a few of the 240 pictures that I took.


Mid November Images

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November is a great time of the year for taking pictures and so I present to you, some of my images from the last two weeks

A Hespeler Family at War

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Like many other families in Hespeler, the Hillis and McLaughlin family had son’s, uncles and Brothers fighting overseas in WW2, some made it home and others did not. My family lost 1 while 3 made it home and I am sure forever changed by their experiences. My Mom’s brothers Ken, Alex and Bruce McLaughlin and my father James Hillis Sr. went to war and while Ken McLaughlin and my father made it home safely, Alex returned injured and Bruce never returned at all.

Bruce McLaughlin my maternal uncle died on August 14th 1944.  The Following is the actual Globe and mail report about the day that Bruce and 15 others of the 12th Regiment of RCA died.


Globe and Mail by Ralph Allen, War correspondent. 43rd D. RHQ – – excerpts:

Could See it Coming

Before we reached our destination it had already become apparent that something had suddenly gone wrong with the bombing program. British heavies had changed their course slightly and when we heard the next gargantuan blast of heavy bombs and saw the next pillar of smoke belch toward the sky, the area had somehow shifted to our own lines. Bombs appeared to fall on Cauvicourt, a mile northeast of the quarry.

Brigade headquarters was already reporting it to division when we arrived at the operations room, a dugout that had served as a German divisional headquarters only a few days before.


From the top of the quarry, H.D. Zeiman, correspondent of the Daily Telegraph; Collin Rayment, Montreal, our conducting officer, and I watched the first squadron of Lancasters come in two hours after the Canuck infantry had launched an attack across the Liaison River toward Falaise and drop their bombs with perfect accuracy in the area of Quesney Wood, 2 1/2 miles from our observation post.


Hundreds More Planes Coming

But the next wave of bombers hit due north of us and it occurred to us that perhaps it was time to take note of the fact that bombs had now been dropped on three sides of us and that there were hundreds more planes still in the air coming straight towards us. The planes were flying low. We waited another minute, looking through our binoculars to see if the bomb doors on the leading planes were open. Then the major called out : ” Everybody in trenches or dugouts “.

Pte. Jerome Latour, Toronto driver of our press jeep, jumped in and drove the jeep along the quarry shelf to the front of the dugout, where there was protection for it to one side. Rayment, Zeiman, the major and I jogged along on foot glancing uneasily over our shoulders, but we made just as the first bomb hit the quarry with the deafening, teeth-shattering impact of a rabbit punch from a giant. We spilled inside the dugout, past a narrow runway, down two steps and around a corner into a square room in which eight or 10 privates were already sitting around a kerosene lamp.

Scene in the Dugout

There wasn’t much to the room but a big operations map and a double tier of wooden bunks. The soldiers moved back on the bunks to make room. One of them sat on a box, his head bent over a set of signaller’s earphones. ” Hello, Sarah Two, Hello Sarah Two, we are being bombed. Over, ” he was saying. His voice was firm, clear and decidedly matter of fact.

The rabbit punches were raining down by now, and through the smoke-filled corridor of the dugout every now and then the hot, liquid fingers of blast reached and tugged as though to drag us out of our trembling haven by sheer force.

We had now become the preferred target. The bombs came at us in catching sticks and each time a stick started we held our breaths an covered our heads with our arms….

One hour and ten minutes of death and destruction _ and from our own support. It was almost unbelievable and the time seemed interminable. Many prayers were offered that day – not for life itself but that the end might come quickly. The agony of suspense was terrifying and escape impossible. The air after each stick was dropped, would be filled with flying debris and between waves the ammunition from dumps and blazing vehicles was exploding in every direction. The whole area of the quarry was raging inferno and yet strange to relate the dividing line of the bombing between the 11th, 16th and 43rd Batteries was as clean as the cut of a knife. Not that the 43rd felt safe but they were able to watch Lancasters come in an literally blow their brother Batteries to bits _ at least it seemed so at the time. They were only four hundred yards from the target and yet could only watch: any action was impossible.

An Auster air OP eventually put in an appearance and did its best to divert the bombers from us but it was only the last wave that was actually led from our area.

There was so much smoke and dust after the first few waves had passed that even decisive features on the ground had ceased to exist for orientation and from what we could gather the bombers were bent only on dropping their bombs in the same area as their predecessors.

Our toll, when it was over, was thirteen dead and fifty-three wounded to say nothing of the vehicles and guns. The gun position and Wagon Lines of the 16th and the Wagon Lines of the 11th Batteries were hit the hardest while the 43rd escaped untouched. The 16th lost practically all of their vehicles and trailers and most of their guns were damaged. The 11th suffered thirty-three vehicle casualties and it was a miracle that no more lives had been lost. Now we knew how the Germans stood it and the answer was going to ground. Unless a bomb scored a direct hit on a slit trench you were comparatively safe. It was a dreadful experience and the morale of the Regiment was at a low ebb following the raid. The Medical Officer performed miracles in his RAP in one of the tunnels and many casualties from the other Units passed through his hands.

No time was lost once the raid was over in checking vehicle and personnel casualties and the Regiment, less the 16th Battery, prepared immediately to move forward to support our Infantry in spite of our losses. The 16th had no guns or vehicles so they remained behind to refit and reorganize.Aug 14th bombing-TJ.Bell WWII - 12th Field

The following is the contents of a letter that my Mother received from her brother on August 20th 1944 and had been mailed on August 9th 1944.

Dear Mary.
Hya squirt,how are yuh? I don’t know why i’m writing, i can’t think of anything to write about but mush. Say hello anyhoo, so here i am sitting nice and comfortable like, in my slit trench, swatting mosquito’s killin ants and things and writing all at the same time, cripes a guy needs about four hands for this job. It’s not a bad sort of a day though-at least it ain’t raining. An enormous big bee just flew in, stopped in mid air like a helicopter somewhere in the vicinity of my schnozzle and stared at me in the face like as if he was trying to make up his mind. However, he apparently didn’t like the looks of my ugly pan so he spread out his four or five inches of wings and flew away. I am still cross eyed from looking down my nose at the brute.
How are all the boy friends, or have you found one steady one? Cripes i haven’t even been out with a gal since about March, Gee soon i’ll be losing my Hespeler technique, what little there is left. Are you still at the same job and still doing the same thing sitting at a desk, writing letters to your boy friends? That must be a pretty fair job. You even use the company paper i notice, you crook. Well yesterday i received letters from Grace,Mother, Alec,George Oliver and a girl and her Mother and Sister in England, and a parcel from Grace as well. So i did okay for one day, didn’t i?All i gotta do now is answer them and boy, thats a job. Well Mim ole dear, must scram for now, so bye for this time, hope to see you soon, but hear from you sooner.
Your Big Brudder Brucie.

B85416 Gnr Bruce McLaughlin
12th Cdn fld regiment
Canuck Army Overseas

The following pictures are of my family members at war.


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