The Moon River Effect

Certain Songs from my past always seem to bring memories with them and this is just one of those stories. Moon River is a song that may not immediately bring the past back to many people but it is one of those crooner songs that I always seem to remember at the weirdest times and for the … Continue reading The Moon River Effect

My Formicidae Army

Rise my little ones Rise! City Council's revenge will come back to haunt them. Their slow silent attack on my home has been thwarted and I will put my revenge plan into action. This morning the Formicidae(ants for those who don't use Wikipedia) that rose from the sink and the wall in my home that … Continue reading My Formicidae Army

The AM Radio

Almost everyone today carries their music pre-programmed on a cell phone or some device that they carry with them, heck even I do.  Some Folks  subscribe to a pay music service like Spotify or apple music and that renders the good old Am radio stations obsolete and has turned them into hollow shells of what they once … Continue reading The AM Radio