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My Great But forgotten albums #40 Live Better Electrically…Nitzinger 1976

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  I knew nothing about John Nitzinger until I hit college in 1976 and worked on the school radio station. This album LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY landed in our radio station as a promotional item and after the first listen I was hooked.  John Nitzinger may be unknown outside of the United States but he has had a long career in the music business first in the Band BLOODROCK, and a very fine solo career. He has opened for BB King and toured as a member of Alice Cooper’s backup band in 1981.As a member of Carl Palmers band PM he toured Europe but perhaps his greatest success has been as a solo artist and his 3rd album LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY saw him at his best delivering the blues-rock and boogie that he incorporated into his songs. This album opened with CONTROL, a song that has a little bit of a Ted Nugent feel while ARE YOU WITH ME has a bit of a James gang Funky disco sound. TELL TEXAS has a bit of an attitude about it while the song VAGABOND veers into the country rock sound of the mid 70’s.  While the album may sound a bit dated today it is still an album that should be heard at least once by serious and casual music fans.


1. Control
2. Are You with Me
3. Live Better Electrically
4. Around
5. Gimme a Wink
6. Yellow Dog
7. Tell Texas
8. Vagabond
9. No Way Around You
10. The Writing on the Wall


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