My Great But Sadly Unknown albums #41 Secret Treaties..Blue Oyster Cult 1974

Secret Treaties is one of those albums that were popular when released in ’74 but was pushed down the line of B.O.C. albums by the release of  Agents of Fortune in 1976 and of course, it’s unforgettable song (Don’t Fear) the Reaper. But Secret treaties is in my opinion just as good an album but because the music was a little less commercial sounding it has been neglected over the past 40 years or so and that is sad because many of the songs on this album stand up easily against The Reaper as classics and many are still in the B.O.C’s playlist while on tour. One of the songs, Career of Evil was written by Patti Smith and was the inspiration for one J.K Rowlings books, called Career of Evil under the pen name Robert Galbraith. The album spent 14 weeks on the North American  album charts, peaking at No. 53. It was declared gold in 1992, and it is the only Blue Öyster Cult album that does not feature any track with lead vocals by guitarist Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser. “Career of Evil”, “Subhuman”,and “Astronomy” are worthy of any heavy metal soundtrack but to me the best song on the album was dominance and submission, which is best described by the man who wrote the lyrics, Sandy Pearlman “In 1963 I was being driven back from a New Year’s Eve party when The Beatles came over the airwaves for the first time. It seemed so revolutionary in terms of consciousness that what is represented was a new factor in mass culture and ’63 was the watershed. The song reflects the parallelism between revolutionary consciousness in the mass and how it affects the individual. The sublimated heat of rock ‘n’ roll, so, long suppressed, and driven underground, was being revealed and no one could stop it.” All in all, it is a great album and one that Rolling Stone magazine in 2002 ranked #47 in the coolest albums of all time. And I agree,now to get classic rock radio to rediscover this gem.   


Track listing

Side one
No. Title Lyrics Music Lead vocals Length
1. “Career of Evil” Patti Smith Albert Bouchard Bloom, A Bouchard 3:59
2. “Subhuman” Sandy Pearlman Eric Bloom Bloom 4:39
3. “Dominance and Submission” Pearlman Bloom, A. Bouchard A. Bouchard 5:23
4. “ME 262” Pearlman Bloom, Donald Roeser Bloom 4:48
Side two
No. Title Lyrics Music Lead vocals Length
5. “Cagey Cretins” Richard Meltzer A. Bouchard Bloom, A. Bouchard, Joe Bouchard 3:16
6. “Harvester of Eyes” Meltzer Bloom, Roeser Bloom 4:42
7. “Flaming Telepaths” Pearlman Bloom, A. Bouchard, Roeser Bloom 5:20
8. Astronomy Pearlman A. Bouchard, J. Bouchard Bloom 6:28