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The End Of The Dream

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Last week my hopes, dreams, and aspirations came crashing to a halt, It has happened before after all I never became the next Frank Mahovlich, heck my Dad knew that one wouldn’t work at a young age, as he used to tell me “Son, as a Hockey player you are one hell of a good baseball player”. So since Hockey didn’t work out I put all I could into being a great baseball player and while I was better at that than hockey, it was soon obvious that I wouldn’t make a living doing that either so I moved on to other endeavors. I thought about being a fireman like my Grandfather, My Dad, and my Uncle but again that had a sudden ending when I realized that I was afraid of heights, oh well I took a little comfort in knowing that the family tradition of Firefighting would continue as my brother stepped up to fulfill that dream. After high school I went to college to fulfill my next dream of being the greatest Canadian Media personality ever but after a few years in the radio world I came to the conclusion that perhaps that was not my ultimate dream and moved on to my next aspiration, that of becoming Hespeler’s greatest Chef. I started at the bottom and worked my way up and achieved most of those goals having held the titles of Kitchen manager and even Manager of a few Resturants but after 30 years in the business and little recognition it was time for a new challenge and I had a new dream, but like many of my dreams this one had a short shelf life.  It happened last week when my doctor broke the news that shattered my illusions of glory, she informed me that I had a condition called Vitiligo, a condition in which white patches develop on the skin and mine covers both my ankles thereby killing my dreams of walking the  Fashion runways of Paris, Rome, and New York City as a world famous Ankle model. After all there is a serious lack of older Male models out there to show off the latest ankle socks, Birkenstock sandals, khaki shorts, fuzzy slippers and other apparel that highlights our legs and ankles to the world. And with my legs I thought that perhaps I had found my true calling at this age in life but like my fear of heights keeping me off the Fire department my physical impurity will now keep me off the great runways of the world.  But as my Dad always said, “when one door closes another one hits you from behind” and so I look forward to my next dream job incorporating all that I have learned in almost 60 years on this planet. I am now studying to become a Writer/Wizard/Rasputin Impersonator, surely my physical appearance or fear of heights can not stop that, Can it?


Autumn Reaches For Her Golden Crown

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Finally, the autumn weather is starting to come in and that leads me to another entire list of music to listen to this time of year. Of course, these songs can be listened to any time but they seem to have a little more meaning this time of year. This list is not about the best songs about Autumn but instead are my songs of the season, your list may be different and you can let me know about it if you like so here goes my top 15 songs about the Fall Season.

15.Dead leaves and Dirty ground–White Stripes…This is a gritty song about the loss of love but can also be used as a metaphor for the end of summer.

14.Autumn Song–Van Morrison…”Little stroll past the house on the hill
Some more coal on the fire will do well
And in a week or two it’ll be Halloween
Set the page and the stage for the scene”

13.California Dreaming.Mama’s and the Papa’s…Even though the lyrics speak of a winter’s day it still is a fall song to me.

12.Forever Autumn–Moody Blues…Hell, anything from the Moody’s could be associated with the fall but this one stands out,  a combination of lost loves and seasons changing.

11.Change of Seasons–Dream Theatre–A 23 minute long opus to the changing of our lives compared to fall is at first hard to listen to if you do not know the band, but it will grow on you.

10.Did she Mention my Name?–Gordon Lightfoot…Many of his songs invoke the seasons, but this one calls to me as a fall song with some great lyrics and a simple melody about missing your home town.

9.Dancing in The Moonlight..King Harvest—You can just imagine a crisp fall night, the fire raging and the party happening.

8. Indian Summer–Poco…A country-rock classic.

7.Harvest Moon–Neil Young…A love song to whomever, this song is Neil at his Introspective best.

6.Moondance–Van Morrison…The beat alone makes this song one of his best.

5.November Rain–Guns and Roses…Who doesn’t hate the “Cold November rain” and the boys belt out a great rocker on this one.

4.October Road–James Taylor…Not a song about Sadness but about accepting what the season brings us. Baby James is at his best on this one.

3.The Killing Moon–Echo and the Bunnymen…This song is cleansing at its best.

2.Who Knows where The Time Goes–Fairport Convention–Just Sandy Denny’s voice on this song is worth it but let’s face it where does the time go?

1.Time of No Reply–Nick Drake…My personal favourite, Drake’s haunting vocals alone send shivers up my spine but as in all his songs the lyrics are simply amazing and on”Time of no Reply” everything comes together to create a song that is just perfect for weather like this.”Summer was gone and the heat died down
And autumn reached for her golden crown
I looked behind as I heard a sigh
But this was the time of no reply.

The trees on the hill had nothing to say
They would keep their dreams till another day
So they stood and thought and wondered why
For this was the time of no reply. ”

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