An Adventure in Clothes Shopping

My Niece Katie’s wedding is now over and as I look back on the event I think the most traumatic thing about it for me was my wife’s search for the proper outfit for her to wear. I was happy with my 10-year-old dress shoes and a quick visit to the dry cleaners for my suit was all I required but for the little women it was another story.

So off to Lauras it was and as the attendants converged on my wife with handfuls of dress selections I tried not to show fear and hung on to my wallet while glancing through my fingers at the ever increasing prices of the selections and at the same time trying not to linger too long in front of the lady’s change room in case someone mistook me for a peeping tom or worse.  I tried in vain to help my wife make her selection but like a member of the Toronto Maple leafs on a breakaway I kept missing the mark by just a bit, one too short, one too long and then I thought it right but alas it didn’t come in the right colour for her.  Finally I smiled as she found one that we both liked but I blew it by mentioning how it accented her bosom and back to the drawing board we went and apparently a dress with a cougar print at a wedding with young folks around was not appropriate I was sternly told.  At that point I thought all was lost as even the women working there were not sure they would have what she wanted but they refused to give up and began another search for ideas and at that point I couldn’t care less about being thought of as a pervert and I plunked my ass down on the bench right in front of the dressing rooms and watched as round 2 began.  And a quick suggestion to these types of stores, we need more sports on the TV’s and a small bar for the guys would most likely assist us in helping our wife’s more, heck I would have drunk a whole bottle of Champagne at this point.  With nothing suiting my wife I do believe I made the right decision by suggesting that she go in a different direction and perhaps look at a pant and blouse idea, after all she would wear that again while a dress may just hang in the closet never to be worn again, sometimes I scare myself when I get ideas like that. And lo and behold in less than half the time we spent searching for a dress we had an outfit that made her happy, and it only cost us $40 dollars more than a dress, damn my great ideas. But we both had what we wanted and we left the store happy until she mentioned her hair! That’s another story.



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  1. I just had the pleasure of reading your disgusting Cambridge times article about riding the bus throughout Cambridge. What a wonderful person you are. Talk about white people problems. You hate each part of the city that makes Cambridge …Cambridge ? You dislike the lower class, young people and disabled people who require public transportation to get around and don’t have the fortunate advantage of driving a vehicle like you, for inconveniencing you? Excuse me, but upper class “folk” like you can simply take a taxi around and not bother yourself with the low and disabled of Cambridge. What makes Cambridge part unique and part shit hole are people like you in it, nose in the air and full of criticism over topics they know little about. I imagine you are just a joy to be around. We only live once so I can’t understand how some people make a living by pointing out the negative in others. I too am a writer and admire many bloggers for the work that goes into maintaining a blog that appeals to the public interest but I read your article and your blog posts and I am left feeling that you are a miserable old Hespeler man , exactly as you portray yourself. It’s very unfortunate as I am sure these lowly Cambridge bus riders all have a unique story of their own and contributing to your miserable day I am sure, was not on their agenda. I believe they have one thing at least over you, a personality and charector. Way to write an article for the paper where I am sure many were offended and yet could not counter back with their own comments . It’s pretty brave of you…. Or not.

  2. That reply to mr hillis ‘ story is longer than the original article I believe. Also has nothing to do with the story you posted it on. .as a regular bus rider the story did not offend me and I found it mostly true, but then again I am white and you seem to have an issue with that. Have a good night

  3. I see the liberal politicaly correct folks have arrived. And their feelings have been hurt, just have some more granola and you will be fine.

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