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My Great But Sadly Unknown Albums #42 Prairie Home Invasion

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Prairie Home Invasion (1994) is a Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon Collaboration and is a humorous take on the American Public radio program A Prairie Home Companion and an album from rapper Ice-t called Home Invasion and is not exactly an album for the easily insulted and the politically correct folks out there. With songs like ARE YOU DRINKING WITH ME JESUS and WILL THE FETUS BE ABORTED there is plenty on this album to cause emotions to run high, but then again anyone who knows jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon is not exactly coming into it unaware.  Some of the songs are covers like Phil Ochs LOVE ME I AM A LIBERAL and ATOMIC POWER by Fred Kirby while others like the aforementioned WILL THE FETUS BE ABORTED is a re-working of the folk classic WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN, Mojo and Jello though wrote most of the material including the HAMLET CHICKEN PLANT DISASTER  which is a true story of a fire that killed 25 employees of a chicken processing plant when they were locked inside the plant in North Carolina in 1991. Most of the songs are an upbeat Hillbilly punk style or as it gets classified COWPUNK, and is 62 minutes of pure musical enjoyment. And as usual Nixon’s backup band The Toadliquors are in fine form, this is an album that sadly will never get airplay and will most likely remain a cult classic.

Track listing

  1. “Buy My Snake Oil” – 9:07
  2. “Where Are We Gonna Work (When the Trees Are Gone?)” – 3:12 (Darryl Cherney cover)
  3. “Convoy in the Sky” – 3:33
  4. “Atomic Power” – 3:06 (Fred Kirby cover)
  5. “Are You Drinking With Me Jesus?” – 3:10 (Lou and Peter Berryman cover)
  6. “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” – 4:01 (Phil Ochs cover)
  7. “Burgers of Wrath” – 3:51
  8. “Nostalgia for an Age That Never Existed” – 4:56
  9. “Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster” – 3:48
  10. “Mascot Mania” – 4:50
  11. “Let’s Go Burn Ole Nashville Down” – 2:38 (to the tune of Old Joe Clark)
  12. “Will the Fetus Be Aborted?” – 3:42 (to the tune of Will the Circle Be Unbroken?)
  13. “Plastic Jesus” – 4:31 (Ed Rush and George Cromarty cover)


An Adventure in Clothes Shopping

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My Niece Katie’s wedding is now over and as I look back on the event I think the most traumatic thing about it for me was my wife’s search for the proper outfit for her to wear. I was happy with my 10-year-old dress shoes and a quick visit to the dry cleaners for my suit was all I required but for the little women it was another story.

So off to Lauras it was and as the attendants converged on my wife with handfuls of dress selections I tried not to show fear and hung on to my wallet while glancing through my fingers at the ever increasing prices of the selections and at the same time trying not to linger too long in front of the lady’s change room in case someone mistook me for a peeping tom or worse.  I tried in vain to help my wife make her selection but like a member of the Toronto Maple leafs on a breakaway I kept missing the mark by just a bit, one too short, one too long and then I thought it right but alas it didn’t come in the right colour for her.  Finally I smiled as she found one that we both liked but I blew it by mentioning how it accented her bosom and back to the drawing board we went and apparently a dress with a cougar print at a wedding with young folks around was not appropriate I was sternly told.  At that point I thought all was lost as even the women working there were not sure they would have what she wanted but they refused to give up and began another search for ideas and at that point I couldn’t care less about being thought of as a pervert and I plunked my ass down on the bench right in front of the dressing rooms and watched as round 2 began.  And a quick suggestion to these types of stores, we need more sports on the TV’s and a small bar for the guys would most likely assist us in helping our wife’s more, heck I would have drunk a whole bottle of Champagne at this point.  With nothing suiting my wife I do believe I made the right decision by suggesting that she go in a different direction and perhaps look at a pant and blouse idea, after all she would wear that again while a dress may just hang in the closet never to be worn again, sometimes I scare myself when I get ideas like that. And lo and behold in less than half the time we spent searching for a dress we had an outfit that made her happy, and it only cost us $40 dollars more than a dress, damn my great ideas. But we both had what we wanted and we left the store happy until she mentioned her hair! That’s another story.


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