My 50 Great,Forgotten and Sadly Ignored Albums #44 CANDLES IN THE RAIN

CANDLES IN THE RAIN( 1970) Melanie.   Melanie is remembered most for her 1972 top 10 single BRAND NEW KEY, but this album released 2 years earlier contains some of her best work, from original material to some great covers. This was her 3rd album and the first to be released after her triumphant  appearance at Woodstock an appearance that led not only to the title of this album but was the story behind her biggest single of her career up to this point. Lay Down(Candles In The Rain) is a gospel infused song about her experience at Woodstock and having the EDWIN HAWKINS SINGERS doing backup vocals made this song one of the most powerful I have ever heard, and discovering the gospel sound of the Hawkins singers was an added plus when I first heard this song, it screams out at you right from the start and with Melanie’s unique voice no wonder it became a big hit. But this album also contains some of her strongest material ever including her attack on the music industry LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO MY SONG MA and LEFTOVER WINE, a song about the Loneliness  of performing.  Candles in  the Rain also allows her to cover two very different artists, James Taylor and the Rolling Stones as she performs Carolina on my Mind and Ruby Tuesday and does does them justice.  This album hit #5 on the Canadian Music Charts while the singles LAY DOWN hit #1 Ruby Tuesday #25 and LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE #39.  While Melanie’s voice can be a little shrill for some and it does take a bit of patience to finally get her, the trip on this album is well worth the wait.

Track Listings

  1. “Candles in the Rain” 1:42
  2. Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)” (accompanied by the Edwin Hawkins Singers) 3:49
  3. Carolina in My Mind” (James Taylor) 3:37
  4. “Citiest People” 3:32
  5. “What Have They Done to My Song Ma” 4:02
  6. “Alexander Beetle” (Safka, A.A. Milne) 2:35
  7. “The Good Guys” 3:08
  8. “Lovin’ Baby Girl” 4:20
  9. Ruby Tuesday” (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
  10. “Leftover Wine” 6:06


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