My 50 Forgotten,Ignored and Great Albums # 47 Against The Grain The Stampeders

AGAINST THE GRAIN (1971) is mostly remembered as the album that contained the ultimate Stampeders song SWEET CITY WOMEN  and while it may not be the most revolutionary album or the great Canadian album it is still in my opinion an album that should have more recognition and respect then it gets.  “CARRY ME” was actually the first single released that appears on this album but “SWEET CITY WOMEN” allowed it to become a Canadian hit and the album was renamed SWEET CITY WOMEN for American release, but that didn’t stop it from selling. At the Juno Awards the band won for ‘Best Vocal Instrumental Group,’ ‘Best Producer,’ ‘Best Single’ and ‘Best Composer’. Also in 1972, on the strength of this album, The Stampeders toured the United Kingdom and Europe. Upon their arrival, they discovered that their  hit, “Sweet City Woman,” had already been covered by The Dave Clark Five. Dates included the Marquee in London, the Hard-Rock Theatre in Manchester and appearances on BBC Radio and “Top of the Pops. This album was produced by Terry Brown who would go on to produce records by Rush and Max Webster among many. If you take out Sweet city Women and Carry Me, obviously the album may not have been a success but a few of the other songs on it are worthy of mention, TRAIN TO NOWHERE, TUSCALOOSA WOMEN and MAN FROM P.E.I are solid as secondary songs. I still listen to this album from time to time and on a cold winters afternoon, it reminds me of a summer afternoon sitting with a Dr.Pepper and a Turkish Delight chocolate Bar on the back patio of the old house.


A1 Carry Me 2:55
A2 Train To Nowhere 2:54
A3 Gator Road 2:24
A4 Only A Friend 2:30
A5 Oklahoma Country 3:02
A6 You Got To Go 2:38
B1 Sweet City Woman 3:26
B2 Sunday Prayin’ 3:06
B3 Tuscaloosa Women 2:49
B4 With You I Got Wheels 2:22
B5 I Didn’t Love You Anyhow 2:21
B6 Man From P.E.I. 2:53

And just because