Falling for Love

Have you ever fallen for someone? I know that almost everyone falls in love and the events around it are always memorable but have you truly fallen for that person?
I’m sure Angela and Brad had their moment and the when Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first laid eyes on each other they fell for each other, but did they truly fall? You see in the case of my wife and myself I truly can say that my wife Fell for me in the most bizarre way. It was a frozen December night when we were went on our first date and even though we were both full-grown adults over 40 we were still a little nervous about it. As she went to step out of her front door she slipped and I had to catch her which may of broken the tension a bit but the true falling for me was to happen later.
We had a nice dinner and got to know each other a little more and as I prepared to take my future wife home my electric charms must have got the better of her as that is when she fell, literary.  As I opened the passenger door in the car she slipped on the ice, gripped the first thing she could and as she disappeared under the car she took the passenger door side view mirror with her leaving in her wake a carnage that we still laugh about today all these years later. The image of her dressed up to the nines laying under the car holding the side view mirror grinning helplessly was when I knew that she had actually fallen for me, how many people can say that? Brad and Angelina, not likely. And she continually falls for me to this day, on a curb on Younge street in Toronto,falling off the dock at my cousins cottage in Bala and ,well, you get the idea.