The Sunday Drive.

I know I have written about Sunday’s before but for someone from my generation they were a different time and were also more of a family day then anything we have now.  And this story is just another in the Sunday story’s.
So let’s go way back to a cool fall Sunday afternoon in 1967 the leaves are off the trees the snow has not yet fallen and my Dad has warmed up the Pontiac Strato Chief and my younger sister and I are ready for the drive.  It was a tradition when we were younger, my Dad having to “blow” out the sludge build up in the big V8 and head out to the country roads outside of Hespeler where he could drive the big beast as fast as he could with no worry’s about the Police or my Mom stopping him. We would drive past the old gas station in Puslinch and head to a section of Mill Creek where we would stop and have a sandwich or two, let the dog run and my Dad could have a beer in silence and perhaps drop a fishing line into the creek, catching something was secondary to the real goal..picking up all the old beer bottles that were lying around the area from parties that had occurred on the weekends. How my dad knew where to look for the bottles was a mystery but somehow I think my older Brother knew a thing or two about where to look for them. The enjoyment of nature and knowing that collecting those bottles made my Dad happy was more than enough for my us and as we headed back to the Hespeler for that nights dinner another fine Sunday was put into the books.
So why do I bring this up? Well this is why, this past Sunday my Wife and I decided to go for a drive in the country and I thought about those day’s and of course decided to retrace my Dad’s route. Somehow though it was not the same.  The traffic was a lot heavier than I remembered and cars trying to fly past us on the side roads was disturbing to say the least, but the real downer was when I found the spot that my Dad used to take us. It was now part of the University of Guelph and was blocked off to foot traffic, the water didn’t seem to flow as majestically as I remembered and as hard as I tried there where no beer Bottles to be found,  and that was actually very disappointing.  I found the corner where the old gas pumps where and to my disappointment they were no longer there and instead of an old dirt road there was a 4 lane Highway running past the place. It just wasn’t the same and as we came back into Hespeler it occurred to me that perhaps it was good that my Dad was no longer around to see his favorite spots gone, it would have broke his heart.


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