Vivian Maier

We all have hobby’s and one of mine has always been photography, taking pictures and admiring the works of others. From Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lang,Man Ray, Dianne Arbus” The Photographer Of Freaks” and the American Civil War Photographer Matthew Brady among others, each and every photographer presents the world that they see in a different light and preserves that moment when the camera snaps a picture into what I call FROZEN IN TIME. Unlike a movie that continues on a picture sits still and presents itself to the viewer so they can study it and find what they want from it.  When I was younger I took a lot of pictures but most have not survived and that is why I am grateful to the digital world as it allows me to take my Hobby to a new level, you can see some of my efforts at my other site FROZEN IN TIME.   But this story is not about my pictures or some of the famous photographers that I have mentioned above, it is about a collection of pictures that I came across on a website about 2 years ago and has fascinated me ever since.

Vivian Maier is not listed as a famous photographer or as an important contributor to the world of the camera while she was alive because she was not a professional photographer but a professional nanny in the United States, and when she died in 2009 her photos and undeveloped film were put up for auction by her family and if it had not been for a Chicago Historian buying her estate we would never have seen some of the greatest “Street Photography” pictures of the 20th century. Fall 1953, New York, NY


She captured the People and the streets of New York,Chicago and other major centers in all their glory and all their ugliness, she shows us that the world is not all glitz in the 50’s and 60’s and she showed the other side of the big city’s.  March 18, 1955, New York, NY Undated, New York, NY

One of the things that got me hooked on her work was something that I like to do, and will be doing more of and that is shooting her own shadow, it can be a really effective image if done right as this self-portrait of her shows self_portrait

As a matter of fact her self portraits are a work of art in themselves VM1953W03391-04-MC VM1954W02936-11-MC

Another way that I am intrigued is of her use of reflections in her work and is something that I also have doneJanuary, 1953, New York, NY 1963. Chicago, IL

To discover more of her work you can find her website by clicking the link.  There are also 4 books and 2 documentary’s out there about this remarkable women.