My Photo’s 2014

The following video is just a sample of over 2100 pictures I took this year. As an Amateur shutterbug my body of work is not earth shattering or collectible but as a hobby is a¬†pleasure to do. ¬†Enjoy and to see more of my efforts you can go to my Photo Website called FROZEN IN … Continue reading My Photo’s 2014


Reasons why a Christmas tree beats a Woman( or a Man)

Here are some reasons why a Christmas Tree is better than a Woman   When you dress it up with silver and gold,it doesn't look like a cheap hooker A Christmas tree doesn't care if you have a plastic one in the closet With a flick of a switch you can turn them on. A … Continue reading Reasons why a Christmas tree beats a Woman( or a Man)

Vivian Maier

We all have hobby's and one of mine has always been photography, taking pictures and admiring the works of others. From Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lang,Man Ray, Dianne Arbus" The Photographer Of Freaks" and the American Civil War Photographer Matthew Brady among others, each and every photographer presents the world that they see in a different … Continue reading Vivian Maier

My Christmas Songs

I like the hoary old chestnuts from Frank and Dean and Andy and I like the traditional Christmas songs as much as the next guy but anyone who has read my material knows I am slightly twisted and that extends to my musical tastes as well. And in that vein I give you my list … Continue reading My Christmas Songs