That Song doesn’t belong there!

Do advertising executives think long and hard about a song before they use it? Do the company’s have any idea of what songs the executives are using? In some cases I don’t think they have a clue. We all watch the commercials, hear the song from the past that they are using and tend to hum along but in some cases your ears tend to go..what? That song doesn’t belong there!
Case in point, tonight I was watching the ball game and on came a commercial for a company called Joe’s clothing and on the screen came a bunch of people wearing the clothes and dancing to Generation X’s song Dancing with myself(billy idol covered it, that’s another story), now the song is catchy but what is it about, well apparently it is about masturbating, not exactly what I would think about when I am out shopping for clothes. But they are not the only ones doing this of course, and the ad guys are trying to use nostalgia to sell things and are more than likely hoping that you ignore the actual lyrics or the meaning of the song, but I cant. Take Volkswagen for example, a few years ago they used music from one of my favorite artists, Nick drake, and in particular the Song “Pink Moon” to sell their cars. Now the Ad showed some friends piled into the car and cruising the hills of Los Angeles while the song played in the background, nice image right? Wrong! The song is about Suicide! So where were the friends going, to have a mass suicide? Bad Choice Volkswagen.
Another Car Company Mercedes-Benz had a commercial and of course they used Janis Joplin’s Song “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz”, but there is one problem with that song. It doesn’t praise Mercedes, it rails against commercialization. Good Call there.
And of course how could we forget about Royal Cruise Lines and the use of Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life, a cruise line using a song about heroin and alcohol abuse, works for me. Pepsi used the Rolling stones Song  Brown Sugar, a song about inter racial sex with slaves during the 1800′s, what better to have a Pepsi with. And there are many more than just that, but again it comes back to the Advertising Code, people will buy anything if it has a catchy tune!!!So listen and watch and find your own songs that don’t belong, it is actually fun.


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