A Debate Idea We All Can Get Involved In

Between now and October 27th there will be a number of municipal debates for every Ward position, Regional Council, School Boards and of course for Mayor and most people will pay little if no attention to them at all, but I have come up with a debate that all candidates should have an opinion on and will go a long way to deciding whom we will vote for.     CAKE OR PIE, simple isn’t it, do they think cake is better or would they go the pie route?  It may sound simple to you but let’s be honest we all have a favourite in this debate, and it could most likely get as heated as any.

Lets start with the Cake,Cakes are the upscale 3 level type of item that takes time to prepare and has to be made to look pretty and is demolished in no short order while pie is a good old fashioned down to earth treat.  Now my vote goes to pie, and I will tell you why.

Pie is simple,like me, it comes in many varieties and is not just a sugar laden treat, it is a durable food item that has a wide spectrum of uses. Yes, we have fruit pies, but we also have sweet Potato pie, Shepherds Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Meat Pies like the french Tortiere  and of course the always reliable and incredibly delicious Pizza Pie.   Then there is the smell of a fresh Raspberry( insert your own fav) Pie that your Grandma or Mother used to make, it brings back memories that no cake can do,  a cake comes out of the oven and just sits there,no real personality to it.  And to enjoy a cake you have to load it down with icing that if not done right looks like you don’t care but the pie, the juices boiling over the crust is like heaven from the oven.  A cake is fancy, requires attention while a pie is out of the oven and ready to go, I mean,really, if you have to decorate something up just to eat it, is it really that good to begin with? When was the last time you had a plain doughnut? And that is cake as well, needs decoration to enjoy, but just slap a scoop of ice cream or a piece of good Canadian Cheddar on a pie and it is ready to rock your world.  So when you are at the debates or if you run into a candidate ask them..Pie or Cake, it will go a long way to help you decide whom to vote for, after all if they give you a long convoluted answer then they obviously can not make their mind up about things.  but If they are decisive about their answer then perhaps they will make a good Mayor or Counsellor unless of course they mention Asparagus Pie, that is just not right!