A Platform I want the Candidates to Consider.

Well here we go again October 27 will bring us another election this time municipally, and the candidates will be promising the moon to us, they can talk all they want about the hospital,healthcare,taxes, deathrays, whatever but to get my attention and the attention of thousands here in Cambridge I have come up with a platform that would be a headline grabber. None of this starchy high carb elections promises, we want a Candidate that connects with the average citizen. We want a leaner government,a frothy collection of people who know how to talk to us and not above us, we don’t want to be spoon fed recycled ideas and empty promises, so what is the platform I am pushing…A really Good tasting low-calorie Beer!
You read that right, The citizens of Cambridge like their beer, and many of us want to watch our figures and the best place to start is with an official Cambridge Lite Beer, not the Canadian 65 or Cracked Canoe crap that the big boy’s are pushing, I have tried them all and they taste like fish water, and we don’t want an alcohol free beer, I mean what is the purpose of that? Now we have the facility right here in Cambridge, called Grand River brewing and a candidate that promises to institute this platform upon being elected would more than likely pick up a few thousand votes overnight, and as word would spread that you have promised a great tasting light beer with substance you would become a hero, your likability rating would go through the roof.  So think about it, and get back to me about this platform, it is a guaranteed success! Heck, I will even test the products for you.


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  1. When I read you had a new platform in mind for candidates to try , I thought you may be referring to one of our rivers boat docks .
    a cambridge beer sounds fine too , but some of the loftier ideas and disparaging words I hear , maybe a cool dip into the Speed or Grand may cool off some of the hot heads .

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