The Voice that helped with my Homework

In the early 70’s radio personality’s were all over the place, be it  At CFTR  with Diamond Jim Brady or Tom Rivers. Dave Smith at CKOC , Jungle Jay nelson or Roger Ashby at CHUM the voices were almost as big as the songs but for me there was one voice and show that stood out from the others.  And that was Carl Banas of CKFM in Toronto.  His show was heard in the 8pm till midnight slot  Monday thru Friday and many a night I did my homework while listening to his dulcet tones and his well written and wonderfully presented vignettes.  His show was different from the rest, yes he played music but not the rock and roll that other stations played, he would play something different and new, music that was not on the top 40 yet, I first heard Supertramp on his show, he played James Taylor and Harry Chapin. He played the songs from albums that were not heard on Chum-am and made each night an adventure. He would tell story’s that would enthrall us and make us use our mind not just sit there chilling out. He could make the weather report sound like a Dickens short story and the road reports almost sound pleasing. He incorporated a little jazz into his background and just made the long winters nights and math homework that much more pleasing. I don’t know maybe you just had to be there.



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  1. Hello,

    My husband and I are restoring our century home on Fisher Mills Road in Hespeler. I am the youngest child of Jungle Jay Nelson – glad to know the name still goes around!


    1. Wow, Jungle Jay brings back some good memory’s. As a matter of fact i am working on doing a little story on him. Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s he was a staple on the airwaves. Thank You for visiting my site and enjoy the area.

  2. Yes, the DJ’s as faceless as they can be do stay with you. That post brought to mind Dave Mickie/David Marsden at CKEY, CHUM, and CFNY.
    Also the Canadian content legislation and the rise of Canadian Rock.

    Didn’t Jungle Jay Nelson do some TV as well as radio?

    But it also reminded me of listening to the distant American stations like one from Erie, Pennsylvania where I first heard the Allman Brothers “Whipping Post” and another in station in Ft Wayne, Indiana

    Maybe you could reminisce about Buffalo TV – Late night horror movies and Roger Ramjet?

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