How to beat the Heat(Hespeler style)

This past Winter i wrote a little story on how to shovel your driveway(Hespeler Style), now I will tell you how to beat the heat(Hespeler style).
Here it is Early July and already  the weather has just gotten good and stuffy, so how do you beat the heat when you have to go to work everyday, well there are many ways to do it. You could forsake all clothing, but I am not sure if everyone around you would be comfortable with that. You could try to move the family into your office at work, after all the boss is paying the air conditioning. Along the same lines you could try to sneak into the frozen food coolers at Zehr’s, but somehow I think that could be a problem( I wouldn’t buy the ice cream from my section I can tell you that). You could try to talk to Mayor Craig, the cold shoulder you get from him would cool you for a few hours. You could flood your basement and then go skinny dipping in it. You could wait for hell to freeze over, but then that would mean the Leafs have won the Stanley cup, so we know that is not going to happen. You could fill the kiddie pool with ice cubes and lay in it or you could put a sprinkler in your bedroom and leave it on all night. Now you could do those things, but I don’t think any of those things will work..well, maybe the cold shoulder from the Mayor might, but let me tell you how my Dad figured out how to beat the Summer heat.
As a man with a Scottish heritage he wouldn’t spend money needlessly, so air conditioning was not really an option, but what he came up with was quite ingenious.
On a Hot Summer night(sounds like a Meat Loaf song don’t it) around 1977 I pulled into the family driveway and sitting at the top of the drive was an old Tent trailer, great I thought, Mom and Dad are going to go away again and leave the house alone for myself to party in. I was Wrong(again). My father had picked up this tent trailer for next to nothing and had equipped it to be his bedroom for the duration of the summer. It had a fridge for his beer, a television with the cable line running from the house, a lamp beside his bed, a spare telephone running out the window of the house and into the trailer. He had his alarm clock ready to go and a coffee maker set up for the morning. Hell he had everything he wanted and eventually even my mother wound up sleeping out there with him. I had to give him credit, he never complained about the heat at night, and now as we struggled through this little heat wave that we had I am trying to convince my wife that we too need a tent trailer in our back yard, BECAUSE that is the Hespeler Way to beat the heat. Your Welcome


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