Black Day in July:The Banning of Gordon Lightfoot

Since the dawn of the 20th Century music has become a symbol of protest and has in some cases gotten an artist or two a banishment from the airwaves due to the sensitive nature of a song or their political views.  Garth brooks was once banned from Country Music TV because of his song "The [...]


The Last Free Summer(Part 5)

As we grow older we tend to be reminded of things in the past by the simplest things, it can be a movie, book and in my case by music.  And there are 3 songs that when I hear them I am sent back to that summer of 72, and while they are not Rock and Roll [...]

With Open Arms

The wind blows softly through the trees No sound is heard in this place The names are forever etched in stone Here it doesn’t matter what your age sex or race The benches sit waiting for family and friends For a moment or two they reminisce The residents here are not worried about recent trends [...]