Woodland Park

First of a Two Part story on Woodland Park It sits in the heart of Hespeler and at just under 2.5 acres(1 Hectare) it is not the biggest park in the City, nor does it have a ball park or a roaring waterfall,the City website lists it having playground equipment,open areas,nature trails,benches,floral display and as a … Continue reading Woodland Park


Puff Balls, Smelts and Corn on the Cob

The world changes and many things vanish forever, and sometimes we forget all about them, but occasionally something happens that remind us of what was once familiar to us. The other day that happened to me and so I thought I would jot everything down. So here goes another list of things I miss. Red … Continue reading Puff Balls, Smelts and Corn on the Cob

My Family History

One thing that has always intrigued me is my family and the question of who are my ancestors?  Many of us don't know and don't really think about it, but I do. I feel that by not knowing my family history that somehow everything is not complete, and this is another road that I intend … Continue reading My Family History

Searching For Charles

Growing up on my Dad's side of the family we had,of course, my Dad, his brother Doug and his sister Zola, the three children of my paternal Grandparents  William(Buck)Hillis and Ann Gooding and for 56 years that was the way it was, 1 uncle and 1 aunt that called themselves Hillis.  However that changed about … Continue reading Searching For Charles

What was it that the Mama Pajama Saw?

For those of you not old enough to remember, that is  from "Me and Julio Down By the school Yard" released by Paul Simon after he split from Art Garfunkle and launched his successful solo career.  And like many good songs it leaves the listener to interpret it as he sees fit, and there are as many opinions on … Continue reading What was it that the Mama Pajama Saw?

They Call Me Skidmark

What does a young man just about to turn 16 wait for the most? A hot girlfriend? maybe, but in reality it is the DRIVER’S LICENSE. The right of passage to manhood, the ultimate freedom sign. No longer having to beg for a ride somewhere, no longer having to hoof it from Hespeler to a … Continue reading They Call Me Skidmark