Spring and a Middle Aged Mans Fancy

Spring has sprung, the snow is gone and all of us are more than happy to have survived another Canadian Winter. But Spring does have it’s downside, allergies, people wearing spandex, the hardened brown bits of snow that seem like it will never go away and of course the mud everywhere. And as a Toronto Maple Leaf fan it also means I get more time outside as I don’t have to waste my spring watching playoff Hockey, suck on that Barry Warren.

As a Young man the incoming warm weather was a harbinger of good times to come. You would look forward to the young ladies getting out of their winter coverings and donning  the clothes of spring, you would look forward to beer runs through the back roads of the area with your friends and of course the eventual trips to Wasaga or Sauble beach. The fresh air of springtime would mean putting away the hockey equipment and pulling out the baseball bats and listening to the sound of the ball hitting the leather of the glove. It would be the smell of my Dad barbecuing steaks and burgers and the smell of fresh-cut grass. But now spring means something else.

You look out your window and as you smell the fresh air you realise that your yard is a mess and you are going to have to waste a full weekend just cleaning up the debris from the melting snow. And then you find spots where new grass is needed, a tree or bush needs to be trimmed or a branch or two needs to be removed that has been damaged during the winter. And instead of smelling the burgers and steaks cooking on the grill you have to clean and perhaps repair the BBQ that you know you put away in October in good shape.  You then notice that your car interior and exterior had a rough winter and needs to be spring cleaned, which is okay, but it is no longer a souped up hot rod that will impress the chicks, but a full size passenger van that you want to clean before the Wife starts bitching at you. And you don’t even want to think about the cleaning in the house that your Wife has lined up. The closest thing to playing ball for a few weeks is cleaning out the shed and moving all your summer stuff to the front and the winter stuff to the back, and putting your glove and bat near the front door, and the smell of fresh-cut grass, well first you have to get the lawn mower working and then it is you that has to cut it not your Dad. You then notice that the lawn furniture looks a little aged and it is time to replace it with some more modern stuff. But then you think.. So it is spring and a old mans fancy turns to….rats, more yard work, thank God for Beer.