Help! I Can’t Finger Cook

And not that I ever would but the Boston Pizza slogan  just seemed the proper title for this piece.

When I was younger I would get hurt, but would bounce back within a day or two to my normal ability’s but as I get older it just seems that things take a little longer to heal, and that is the point of this little ramble.   At work a few weeks ago   I managed to tear a ligament in my right hand doing something that I have done for the last 30 years, and that was the basic step of changing a beer keg ,and of course I am right-handed and the main tear is in my finger and thumb area making basic little chores painful but not impossible.  However not being very good with my left hand makes for exciting times, tonight I forgot and tried to take my socks off with my right hand and the pain shot through me,and I won’t even explain the bathroom issue, that would just not be right.  But the everyday simple tasks that you take for granted can be a real problem when you forget you have the injury, picking up the kettle to make a coffee in the morning can hurt, shifting the car into drive can pull on the muscle and cause grimacing pain, I went to grab a bag of milk at Zehr’s with my right hand and wound up performing a little dance for some folks, hell if I had a hat they most likely would have tipped me. Even typing on the keyboard can hurt, but at least I have learned to use other digits for that, and the same goes for using my cell phone, it takes patience to use it right now. So I guess I will keep it in a splint until it heals so if you see me walking and it appears that I am giving you the finger never fear I am not, unless it is Barry Warren and then most likely I am giving him the finger.