The Zombie Anti-Defamation League

It seems in this day, and age everyone has a cause and every cause has a spokesman or woman, everyone that is but Zombies. So therefore I have started the Zombie anti-defamation league. You see, Zombies are badly represented and thought of poorly by the average person out there so I am out to change that.
Our Prime Minister walks and acts like a Zombie sometimes, so perhaps he is one? We could do a lot if we were able to domesticate the Zombie population and put them to good use, think about what we could do. Just Think, a domesticated Zombie could go into your cellar and got rid of those pesky mice you have there and you would not have had to deal with it at all. Just think, if we could teach Zombies to drive, a lot more of us could go to the bars and not worry about how much we drink, and not have to worry about impaired driving charges. And unwanted guests knocking on your door..goodbye Jehovah Witness. The Police could use them to diffuse Bombs or even hostage situations. They would probably even make great bureaucrats, hell they could explain your Tax Assessment better than most of our politicians. And the coalition for better government, well, i know how i would use my Zombies. Our Government has wasted a lot of our Tax Dollars over the years,so investing in the Domestication of Zombies would actually help us, and we could see where our tax dollars have gone. Oh sure, every once in a while we may get a bad Zombie out there but do we have to paint them all with the same brush? So think about it and if you are ready to join the Zombie Anti-Defamation League I will be accepting donations  Saturday Nights at  Ernies Roadhouse!!!