Ringo! The Album

What would you call an album that has John Lennon,Paul McCartney,George Harrison and Ringo Starr on it, in the 1960's you would have called it a Beatles album and the first 3 would have been the main contributors but in 1973 Apple Records released an album that had the above 4 plus contributions from others … Continue reading Ringo! The Album


What the Hell You looking At?

This is a picture from late 1957, I am the baby, but that is not what I have posted it for. While everybody else is staring straight at the camera I want to know "what the hell am I looking at". This is the type of picture that can lead to all types of things, … Continue reading What the Hell You looking At?

Help! I Can’t Finger Cook

And not that I ever would but the┬áBoston Pizza slogan ┬ájust seemed the proper title for this piece. When I was younger I would get hurt, but would bounce back within a day or two to my normal ability's but as I get older it just seems that things take a little longer to heal, … Continue reading Help! I Can’t Finger Cook

Daylight Saving time is good!

Sunday the clocks go ahead, and we lose an hour of sleep and while most people cry about it and cheer about the clocks going back in the fall here are some instances of Daylight saving being a good thing for some. A man, born just after 12:00 a.m. DST, circumvented the Vietnam War draft … Continue reading Daylight Saving time is good!

The Zombie Anti-Defamation League

It seems in this day, and age everyone has a cause and every cause has a spokesman or woman, everyone that is but Zombies. So therefore I have started the Zombie anti-defamation league. You see, Zombies are badly represented and thought of poorly by the average person out there so I am out to change … Continue reading The Zombie Anti-Defamation League