Looking Cool In Winter 1940

My Uncle Ken at the family home on Cooper Street 1940.


Time for a Cambridge Superhero!

Someone has to do it, why not me? Or so I thought as I sat down to ponder what has gone on in this city for the last few Years. We need someone who can walk the streets at night and bring fear into the evildoers of this fine city, someone with the ability to … Continue reading Time for a Cambridge Superhero!

Too Many Mondays?

What is it about Monday's? There have been many songs written about it, and most of them have not a good thing to say. Rainy Day's and Monday's--The Carpenters I don't like Monday's--The Boomtown Rats Blue Monday---Fat's Domino Call it Stormy Monday--Nancy Wilson These are just some songs and not one has a good thing … Continue reading Too Many Mondays?

What if?

What if February 3rd 1959 had never happened? What if plane # N3794N did not develop trouble and never crashed at around 1am in Clear Lake Ohio and Buddy Holly, J.P.(The big Bopper) Richardson and Richie Valens were allowed to continue their lives as you or I can do? Would it have made a difference … Continue reading What if?