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Looking Cool In Winter 1940

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My Uncle Ken at the family home on Cooper Street 1940.



Time for a Cambridge Superhero!

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Someone has to do it, why not me? Or so I thought as I sat down to ponder what has gone on in this city for the last few Years. We need someone who can walk the streets at night and bring fear into the evildoers of this fine city, someone with the ability to make a real cool suit look good, perhaps associated with a creature of the night,  a bat, yeah a batman for Cambridge(my wife informs me that has already been done) but what if not a Batman?  So I sat and thought about it, and I think I have come up with a few ideas and as is my want, I will share them with you the fine readers of this site.

Captain Boomerang: I do like going back to the buffet table a few times

Jump to Conclusions man: A lot of us in town do that, so why not a hero that does that?

Exact Change Man: No, that’s only good at Tim Hortons really.

Professor Prostate: Yea, I could stop the flow of crime with a single flare up

Delusions of grandeur Man: My wife’s suggestion, I don’t get it.

Bureaucrat Man: I could force Criminals to submit plans in triplicate: City council could use me for that one.

Ineffectual Middle Aged man: Again, my wife’s suggestion. Still don’t get it.

Butt Expanding man: Damn, I wish my wife would stop trying to write this thing.

Council tax man: My Spending forces taxes higher and makes villains unable to afford their evil plans.

Well, that is the best That I could come up with, and none of them suit me so I guess I will go back to being the one Superhero I can be….flatulence man.  Beware!


The McLaughlin Clan

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This is a video I made a few years back, and I have been asked by a few people to post it again. So here it is


Pictures Of Downtown Hespeler’s Past

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These are just a couple of pictures that I have in my files from downtown Hespeler that date from the 30’s and 40’s.

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Too Many Mondays?

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What is it about Monday’s? There have been many songs written about it, and most of them have not a good thing to say.
Rainy Day’s and Monday’s–The Carpenters
I don’t like Monday’s–The Boomtown Rats
Blue Monday—Fat’s Domino
Call it Stormy Monday–Nancy Wilson These are just some songs and not one has a good thing to say about Monday. Now I know it is the first day of the week for many, and that in itself is a drag but at the same time I find it refreshing a day as there is. For Teenagers it is time to return to the books after a weekend with their friends, and for adults back to work after trying to carry out work around their homes and visiting family and friends.
And Monday’s have always had an interesting aura around them. They have been called Black Monday-Blue Monday-Wet Monday-Miracle Monday-Bloody Monday among others. And of course we have Easter Monday[or for some the First Monday]. Monday is the day to get the workweek on track and create a whole slew of new” to-do lists”. There is even a medical ailment called “Mondayitis” an illness associated with Depression, involving going back to work.
The expression”Monday’s child is fair of face” is actually inspiring,not a comedown. And since the first Monday there have been over 100,000 Mondays and yet the world still goes on. Some major events have happened on a Monday, yes, and here are some of them–Salvador Dali died on a Monday–Terry Kath of the Jazz/Rockband Chicago was shot to death on a Monday-Brenda Spenser inspired the Boomtown Rats to write “I don’t like Mondays” by killing 2 people in her school on a Monday Morning-a protest in London England in 1886 on a Monday led to a riot and many unknown deaths–Wall street crashed on a Monday in 1929. Those are just some of the events that happened on a Monday. A survey in Colorado in 2002,found over a period of 6 weeks that more accidents happened on the Roadways on a Monday than any other day. In Las Vegas a study done by the University of Las Vegas found that more police reports of Domestic Disturbances happened on Monday’s.
Now are Monday’s all bad? Of course not. In my case Monday’s are usually the best day of the week. It is a day off for me and it allows me to hit the Malls and go shop, and the traffic is always lighter going as fewer people are out and about during the day. So Monday’s are my Sunday’s and i appreciate them even if most people hate them. So Monday’s are here to stay and nothing we do will change that, so I suggest that everyone learn to love Monday’s, Hell there is even a band out of England called ‘The Happy Monday’s”. I wonder if they get yelled at?
So I am off, it is Monday and I am going to enjoy it.

Until next time Keep a cold one in the Fridge you never know when I will show up.

What if?

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What if February 3rd 1959 had never happened? What if plane # N3794N did not develop trouble and never crashed at around 1am in Clear Lake Ohio and Buddy Holly, J.P.(The big Bopper) Richardson and Richie Valens were allowed to continue their lives as you or I can do? Would it have made a difference to the music world? One can only imagine Richie Valens being a guiding light for artists like Carlos Santana and even doing some side work with Carlos, being an inspiration for many Latin American kids as he piled up many hits thru the ’60’s and becoming known as the grandfather of Latin Rock and perhaps allowing  some of the under privileged Latinos a chance to escape the poverty of their life and allowing them to have an inspiration to help on their way. Hell, he most likely would have been playing at President Obama’s Inauguration.
The Big Bopper? Well who knows what would have become of him but I sense he could have become another Wolfman Jack type of personality that would spin his favorite tunes to a generation of young men and woman looking for something different to groove to and occasionally release a Country and Western song that would keep his name in the news.
But Buddy Holly, now there was no stopping him if “The Day the Music Died” had never happened. A tour with the Beatles, an album with Mick Jagger, perhaps in the 70’s the ultimate Rock and Roll tour. He would have perhaps had a few more hits but would more than likely have written many hits for other artists and then like Johnny Cash , Rick Rubin would have gotten a hold of Buddy and record a few albums in the same vein as “American Recordings” bringing him back into the public spotlight and allowing him to retire gracefully from the industry he helped form.
But alas it was not to be as the plane did not stay in the air, and the three young men died instantly leaving us all to wonder, What if?

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