Mystery of the Missing boot!

A Priest, my Mom and a Boot show up on a Sunday Morning, sounds like a bad joke doesn't it? Well, it didn't to me on that cold January Morning in 1974.  Here is the story as best I can remember it. Like most 17-year-old boy's in Hespeler back then the Saturday nights in the … Continue reading Mystery of the Missing boot!


The Radio

The radio on my boyhood dresser was an old tabletop model with tubes. The top was cracked and at high volume, the busted brown plastic made it screech. My father got it when a great-aunt or uncle died I think, and it looked like the type of thing you would get at a junkyard.But It … Continue reading The Radio

Swinging Babes of my Youth

One thing that no man can agree on is what makes a woman hot. some like legs, some like figure and some like personalities. No guy can agree on anything, what i am putting forth here,is my list of the ten swinginest woman of my youth. They all have a little something different and some … Continue reading Swinging Babes of my Youth

Saturday Mornings Are Just Not The Same

I'm up early this Saturday Morning and decide to flip on the TV and considering I have over 500 channels I decide to check out the cartoon choice, but where are all the cartoons? They may call them cartoons but what I remember as cartoons is not what is playing now.  We had maybe 5 … Continue reading Saturday Mornings Are Just Not The Same