You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

Everyone loves Charlie Brown and the incredible cast of cartoon characters that have graced the funny pages,television and the Broadway Stage. Charlie himself, Snoopy,Linus,Lucy,Woodstock, Sally,Schroeder,Peppermint patty and another 25 or so characters that have appeared at one time or another, their adventures are all classic and of course two stand out,”It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” and the Christmas Classic ” A Charlie brown Christmas”. From the off Screen “(woh-woh-woh).” delivered by all adults to Snoopy’s Alter-Ego “Joe Cool” we laughed and I am sure had a small tear or two occasionally, the one thing that was consistent was the entertainment value that Charles Schulz delivered on a regular basis, but the one aspect of the “Peanuts” Television specials that stands out to anyone who has seen them is the theme song, a musical rift that is as catch as any pop song there has ever been. No matter what age you are the minute that song comes on you automatically flash back to Charlie Brown, but what is the title of that song? And who wrote it?

The song has an Interesting story, it was written by Vince Guaraldi and was not originally written for the Peanuts Television specials but was written for two of the peanuts Characters, confused? Well let me explain. The song is from Guaraldi’s 1964 album ‘Jazz impressions of a boy named Charlie Brown” and the song itself is entitled” Linus and Lucy”, not a song about Charlie Brown at all, but instead about Linus and Lucy Van Pelt, secondary characters in the scheme of things and eventually wound up as the theme song from”A Charlie brown Christmas” in 1965. So an Iconic song associated with Charlie Brown is instead about his nemesis and her brother weird isn’t it.

The full listing of the album is as follows

Oh, Good grief

Pebble beach

Happiness Is


Charlie Brown Theme

Linus and Lucy

Blue Charlie Brown

Baseball Theme

Freda(With the naturally Curly Hair)

Now if I could only find a copy of it….hmm, Millpond Records, are you up for the challenge?



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  1. I have Dianna Krall’s version of Guaraldi’s “Christmas Time Is Here” on her Christmas CD. Dianna does a great job with it too.

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