4:30 AM

Recently I had the occasion to be up at 4:30 am and it is a world of difference,and I will tell you about it.
I was unable to sleep and my dog was restless so I decided to take the little fellow out for a walk. At that time of the morning it is a different world than the one I am used to. While the city sleeps the few of us that are awake try to figure out what to do. At this time of day it is hard to place where the world is. The night struggles to keep it’s hold while the day fights to break out of the sky. While walking down Queen street it is an entirely different place, with the bars closed the streets are quiet and the few people I encounter are actually friendly, as they stop and say hello and pet my dog, not as ritual but as an actual way of their day. Past the fire station and all is well, no sirens and the men and woman inside are sleeping , not worrying about the flames from some careless smoker engulfing them, or some home fire taking a life they had no chance to save. Into the park we walk and the sounds of the children are a distant memory, the swings sit still and the slide seems eerily empty at this time. As i sit in the Gazebo I remember the times as a young adult when this was a place of sanctuary from the times, now it just seems a peaceful spot in the world where the stars shine and the moon fights for it’s rightful place in the hemisphere.. further up the walk way the dog just runs unaware of my location only knowing that at the end I am there for him. There is no honking of car horns no squealing of tires no jack hammer from the construction around town,no eminem blaring from car speakers that are cranked way too loud, no crack addicts asking for money to get another hit, no smells from the Kentucky fried Chicken, the Laundromat at Ernies sits quite, No one sits out having a smoke on the stoop and you can hear a car coming for 2 minutes at least. A skunk crosses the street unaware that he is in a urban environment, even the garbage does not smell that bad at this time of day. As the walk continues the fact remains that as I get older so the day grows, it is no longer 430 but pushing 5 am and the grizzle of the day will soon begin and the hustle and bustle will be the dominant force, the morning will fight to keep it’s glory while the afternoon sun will try to warm the crowds walking the streets, the birds will sing a different song than at night and the waters in the river flow louder than in the am. and as sit in the window typing this I say goodbye to the night and well met to the morning. The dog and I are off to bed to join the rest of the world in slumber.