The Stillness Of The Smokestacks

At one time Hespeler was a Bee Hive of industry and on any given day of the week the smokestacks down on the other side of the river would be going strong,but today they sit unused and are just a remnant of our past.


The Tao of Hespeler

Recently at the Cambridge Times a side discussion has broken out on the use of the old town names of Galt,Preston and Hespeler and how we should stop using them and just conform to the name Cambridge. For that reason I have decided to run this little story again to try to explain the reasons [...]

Jim Dandy vs David Lee Roth

In a previous article I compared Stevie Nicks to Annie Haslam, and this time I look at two unique singers that are almost alike in appearance and movement. Big Jim "Dandy" Mangrum was the lead singer of the early 1970's Southern Rock band Black Oak Arkansas  and David Lee Roth was of course the lead singer of [...]