{Sort of} A Ghost Story

I grew up in a big old house in Hespeler, that to me was haunted. And

this is one of those story’s that could have been a great Ghost
Story, but since that would spoil the ending I will start a the

It was a warm spring Sunday evening in 1967 and I had just finished
watching my Television programs in the living room with my family,
Gentle Ben,Ed Sullivan and Bonanza were the programs of choice. Off to
bed I went for a relaxing sleep, or so I thought. At around 3 am I
awoke to take a whizz when I caught out of the corner of my eye the
rocking chair under the window in my room was moving and a white-clad
figure was occupying the chair. Frozen in bed and now unable to pee I
pulled up the sheets on my bed over my head and shivered, hoping that
the ghost would leave soon. No such luck. Every 1/2 hour it seemed I
checked and that ghost was still there and rocking the chair back and
forth. Unable to scream or even mouth “HELP” i waited for
morning and eventually dozed off thankfully.
As dawn arrived and I opened my eyes my fear of the ghost turned to embarrassment and then shame at what I had gone through the night before.

You see, what had happened was this. Being that it was a warm evening
my Mother had opened the bedroom window before laying a freshly cleaned
white bed sheet over the rocking chair, that just happened to have an
arched back, that created a head like shape. That and the wind nicely
blowing in the window kept the chair moving and the newly dried sheet
flowing. So it was not a ghost at all and I made it clear to my Mother
that she should never do that again. Her only comment on the
situation…how did you hold your pee so long? And now that I
think about it..how did I? Amazing the things you can do at 10 years