Getting Away with It.

Sometimes in life you get away with little things that stick in your mind, like the time I got pulled over and the Police Officer had some fun with me. It was back in 1977 and life was a little different then, the world was not as uptight and paranoid as it is now and occasionally you got away with little things and on that evening I did just that.

I was a college student working nights at Artex Woolens to get my spending money and that is when this story gets good. There had been a flood in the plant from a broken pipe and my father as boss had volunteered me to help clean up, and as this was a Sunday and after a weekend of partying  I was very tired as the shift ended at 1:30 Monday morning. So I fired up the Dodge,headed up Guelph ave, turned on to Queen street and quickly sped up to turn onto Cooper street. Suddenly in my rear view mirror I saw the Cop Car lights flashing and so I pulled over not more that 300 yards from my driveway. He got out and walked up to the car and asked me ‘what the hell are you driving so fast for”, I really had no reason so I explained what had happened and that I just wanted to get some sleep before school in the morning. He seemed to understand and let me know after a little lecture on safe driving that he would let me go with just a warning but drive safe from now on, I thanked him and assured him that I would indeed drive a little more cautiously from now on.   He started to walk back to the cruiser when he stopped, spun around and started to walk back to my car, and that grin on his face made my heart rise into my mouth as I was sure something bad was about to happen, and then he spoke these words.” Son, if I were you, when you get home take that bag on your dashboard out of the car and hide it”, so I looked and saw what made me go white, for sitting between the sloped dashboard and the window was a small baggie containing several rolled joints, the good old wacky tabbacky. The officer turned and walked away and I could hear him laughing thru the still summer nights air, hell I think he almost pissed himself he was laughing so hard. As for me,well, I drove those 300 yards slowly home,parked the car, got the bag out from the dash, went inside and changed my underwear. And for the longest time afterwords I always double checked my rides before going anywhere.


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  1. Monty Lovegrove one of the best of friends that happened to be a cop I had back in the home town of Kitchener /Waterloo Ontario he did that same thing for my first husband because he knew that John just wanted to get home to his pregnant wife. Monty has been a great person from my own past and I have missed his little quip that greeted me every time I saw him. He was a Lovegrove I was Lace.

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