The Woods And the Other Side.

It was dark, it was dangerous and evil waited on the other side and it sat there inviting the mischievousness side of us all and for an 8-year-old it sure as hell was scary. As I entered grade 3 at Our Lady of Fatima school, the woods that sat behind the school were enticing but we were [...]


MacLean And MacLean

The Coronet Hotel had a long history of entertaining us on Saturday nights with top-notch music acts, but occasionally there was an act that was, well, different and they were(Gary) MacLean and (Blair)MacLean. Originally from Glace bay Nova Scotia the boys moved to Winnipeg and became Canadian Comedy superstars with their combination of music, folksy story's and outrageous humour that was not family [...]

Jack and the Chestnut Incident

In 1968 Hespeler was a small quaint little town with its own personality and we all existed peacefully together and there was always an air of calmness over our little piece of heaven, however in October of that year everything changed for me because that is when a stranger entered our lives and The Chestnut Incident happened. Let me start [...]