Yabba, Dabba, Cough.

Who didn't love the Flintstones as a kid? They were the most successful weekly animated series until Homer and his gang at the Simpsons came along. And of course our parents liked them as well( I think my dad had a secret crush on Betty), and I will be doing more on the Flintstones at a later time, but when [...]


New Hespeler vs Old Hespeler

A recent discussion on the Cambridge Times about Hespeler got me thinking about Hespeler and the differences between New Hespeler and Old Hespeler. New Hespeler call's them Motor Homes, old Hespeler calls them drive in houses, In New Hespeler they discuss Shakespeare and call him a "BARD", in old Hespeler we just worry that the [...]

Who Knows Where the Time Goes( Another Woman in Rock)

This is another in my series about the Woman behind the songs, but this one is a little different. My previous story's have been about woman who have inspired a writer to pen his thoughts but what about a woman who has inspired many artists of both sexes to write an homage to her? Arctic [...]

Stomping Tom and Alvin Lee

Two very different types of Musical Icons passed away on Wednesday, The Great Canadian Stomping Tom Connors and one of the best Guitarists the world has ever known ,Alvin lee. Despite the differences in musical styles, they were both Artists that I listened to and appreciated for what they brought to the musical world and have both left a [...]

Don’t blow your nose and show what is in the Kleenex.

Our Mother’s may teach us valuable life lessons, but we learn from our fathers. And I learned some interesting things from my Dad including that thing about the Kleenex [don't ask]. From my dad I learned not to watch the clock while at work, that if you work hard enough time will fly by. I [...]