My Human gives me the blues

First let me introduce myself, my name is Sir Duke and I am a dog, a Shed Tzu to be exact and while I am waiting for one of my humans to come home from work i thought I would tell you a story. Now you may be wondering how I am writing this, well [...]


Underpants and Galoshes

Now that i have your attention: The title of this piece refers to word that tickle my funnybone. Everyone has those words, little things that make you laugh. So without delay here is a list of some words that do it for me. Bagpipes-Kumquat-dribble-wonky-Velcro-bonk-flop-quagmire-crevasse-trousers-punkydoodle-Bush[oh sorry, he just makes me laugh]-homo erectus-belfry-shenanigans-haberdashery-titmouse-smurf-hullabaloo-bamboozle-crumpets-wiffleball-dildo-crevice-glockenspiel-Kalamazoo-cucamonga-guacamole-spleen-conservative[refer to bush]-swifter-walla walla-schnitzel- well [...]