The Hespeler Way to Shovel your Driveway

With a major snowfall  upon us, and some shoveling required I feel it is my civic duty to explain the Hespeler way of snow-shoveling. This has been handed down to me from my father who got it from his father who got it..well you get the point, it can also be used in the Preston and Galt Areas as there is no patent pending on it, now in this system of snow shoveling you need some very important ingredients, so here they are.

Winter Boots..I use Sorel Caribou as they are lightweight and keep my feet warm.

Gloves..I use Isotoner Ultra Dry Hybrid Gloves. Again they are lightweight and they keep a nice fresh smell to them.

Headwear…North end make some very nice toques for Canadian Winters.

Coat….I wear a Far West Goretex coat in a bright red colour, which comes in handy if you happen to fall in a snowbank. And do not forget the Windriver Thermal Underwear with the easy open flaps( guy’s will know what I mean)


Beer[6 bottles]..This one is very important, and so i recommend a good sturdy Canadian Brew, i myself use Plowmans Ale From Grand River Brewing, Good flavour and robust body.[ endorsement cheques can be sent to me care of Cooper Street Relic]

Okay now that you have assembled all the necessary ingredients, here is what you do.

Get your gear on and make sure everything is comfy. Take your 6 Beers
and put them strategically around your driveway. 2 on both sides of the
road area of your driveway,2 on both sides of the driveway, halfway up
and 2 more at the beginning of your driveway close to your door. You
then survey your area, break the driveway down into squares that will
lead you to each beer in orderly fashion. You can now begin shoveling
in each square, rewarding yourself with a beer each time a square is
finished. And by the time you get to the last beer, your driveway is
done and you feel pride in a good job well done, as well as having nice
little buzz going which will help you if you plan to sit down and watch
the Toronto Maple leafs on TV after finishing the driveway. Your
Welcome. Of course the other way to do it is to sit in the house
drinking the 6 beers while your Son-in-law and Grandson( Hint Hint Al and Ben) brings their snow-blower over
and does your driveway.  And that will leave you time to stand at the end of the driveway yelling and giving the finger to the City snowplow driver who plows the end of your driveway in.

And that is the Hespeler way of shoveling your driveway.