The Bowie Files ( The Outside Albums and the bottom 3)

By the outside albums I am referring to the many albums of the Thin White Duke that I do not have on my top 10 Bowie Albums of all time. My top 5 albums of his were fairly simple but coming up with the bottom 5 proved to be a bit of a battle as at least 10 albums battled for the bottom 5. Not making the list were such albums as Space Oddity, Station to Station, Lodger and Scary Monsters, all good albums with redeeming quality’s but failing to make my list.

So here are my choices for #10-8 of the Bowie Files.

10). Pin Ups(1973)..The Duke’s 7th Album contained no original Bowie Material as he chose to record songs that influenced him from the mid 60’s London Era. He Covered songs by the Pretty Things, The Who,Pink Floyd,Them and The Who among others and was able to make those songs his own. Especially good is his version of the Pretty Things”Don’t Bring me Down”. This album is one the few that most people would not have on a top 10 list but to me his attempts at recreating an era in music was a success.

9)Heroes(1977)..Part of his Berlin Trilogy(the other releases being Low and Lodger) this is often considered to be the best of the 3 and is memorable to me as it is the album that both Brian Eno and Robert Fripp performed on. It is a bit of a more Dark and Moody album with a few Instrumentals on it but on the whole is a very good listen, especially on a cold winters night. And the song Heroes is one of his best a classic story of two lovers who meet at the Berlin Wall.

8).The Man who Sold The World(1970)..Besides being that album that gave Nirvana one of its biggest hits any album that can reference Nietzsche, H.P. Lovecraft and the Vietnam War can’t be all that bad.It is also the first album that brought together the band that would be the backing group for the Ziggy Stardust Album and most likely his first real  Rock and Roll Album, and some critics feel that this is the album that started Glam Rock(Try telling that to the New York Dolls). Obviously the Man who Sold the World is the best know song off the album but 2 other tracks rank up there with his best work, “The Width of a Circle” and “All the Madmen”.

Next up #7 and # 6.