The Bowie Files(prelude)

One of my favorite musical artists is David Bowie. I have made lists before of albums that changed my life lists of my songs about summer and many more lists including my last list of the Top songs of all time.  But nowhere on those lists is David Bowie, so how can he be one of my personal favorites but not list a song? Because to me his albums are what he is about and while he may not have been a factor in my lists, it is time now to do one of just his material. But this is more than a list, this will be a number of post over the next week, as I rank his albums from #10 to #1. It was not an easy decision to rank an artists work but I have done it and I am sure there will be many disagreements among my readers about this, so starting Friday I will begin my countdown of his top 10, and no I am not going to give it away here, but I will give you an idea of what albums did not make my top ten.  Ah, no, I think I will wait for that.