The Cold Saturday Mornings

Kirk Maltby,Tim Brent, remembering Paul Woods,Kenny Ellacott and Red Laurence, the Hockey heroes of Hespeler. When we are young we are all the future of the NHL or so we thought. But at twelve years old we don't know any better and on those Saturday winter mornings in 1969 I like every other lad in … Continue reading The Cold Saturday Mornings


It’s No longer Mayberry

For those of us over 50 we remember when Cambridge was smaller and of course 4 separate community’s but time has a way of changing things and like all good things the Times has not always been good to us. And as you look around you realize that We indeed no longer the Mayberry ( for those … Continue reading It’s No longer Mayberry

It’s not what you Think.

Another of my Woman in Song writings but this time with a twist. Often songs get written and people assume that they are love songs to a woman but in fact just seem that way, and I will present 4 such songs here today. How Long..Ace 1974 With a romantic beat and lyrics like "How … Continue reading It’s not what you Think.

Sweet Memory’s

Saturday night my wife and I somehow got a sugar craze and decided to get some chocolate and so off to the local store to get something I went, and after looking over the selection I wound up buying the old reliable Aero bar for myself and a 3 musketeers for my wife, but it got me … Continue reading Sweet Memory’s

Letter From the War

I never met my Uncle Bruce. My Mothers older brother was killed in action in the summer of 1944 but his name and memory still live on in our family and like many of this city’s veterans a street here in Hespeler carries the family name. And like many of the boy’s that were serving … Continue reading Letter From the War

A Dear John letter to Tim Horton’s

Dear Timmies,it pains me to write this but I think we need to spend time away from each other. Your paying attention to those outside in the fancy cars while I wait patiently inside to feel you in my cold morning hands is wearing on me. And I am getting tired of all the Questions … Continue reading A Dear John letter to Tim Horton’s

The Bowie Files ( The Outside Albums and the bottom 3)

By the outside albums I am referring to the many albums of the Thin White Duke that I do not have on my top 10 Bowie Albums of all time. My top 5 albums of his were fairly simple but coming up with the bottom 5 proved to be a bit of a battle as at least … Continue reading The Bowie Files ( The Outside Albums and the bottom 3)

The Bowie Files(prelude)

One of my favorite musical artists is David Bowie. I have made lists before of albums that changed my life lists of my songs about summer and many more lists including my last list of the Top songs of all time.  But nowhere on those lists is David Bowie, so how can he be one of my personal favorites … Continue reading The Bowie Files(prelude)