Hair! The Article

Hair, flow it, show it
Long as God can grow
My hair, flow it, show it

Long as God can grow
My hair, flow it, show it
Long as God can grow
My hair

Hair, we all have it,some of us keep it, and some of us don’t. It winds up growing in places we would never think of, and places we don’t want it.  As a child i was threatened with the “hair on the palms” thing if i did something bad, last i checked they were okay, a little calloused maybe but no hair. Play’s have been written about and songs sung about it. Hair products in North America are a Billion Dollar business with everything from gel to Shampoo. Hairspray is often mentioned as one of the major causes of Global Warming. Brushes, Combs and curling Irons are a steady seller to this day. There are perms and weaves, the brush cut(I had one until i was 11), and Afros. Woman can spend 1-2 hours just getting their hair right when going out for a night, and brylcreem was a staple in my house when i was growing up, not for me but for my bigger brother. In High School one year i asked for a Hairdryer for my Birthday and my parents got me one with so many attachments i started calling it my Swiss Army Hairdryer.
Hair has always been an important part of our appearance, I had an Aunt that used to hate me because first thing in the Morning I would wake up with an Afro, while she struggled to get her hair even halfway close to mine. But things change with our hair, at least for guy’s it does.
The Hair on many of our heads is now being distributed to our backs, and our ears and some weird spots in between. I have gone from not seeing a Barber for  1-2 years to making sure i get mine cut at least once a month, the only thing that bugs me about that is  then i paid 3-4 Dollars for a cut and now i pay $14 to get less cut and more often. I hated wearing hats as young man because it covered my gorgeous hair, now, i barely go out in the winter without my head covered, not because i am embarrassed but because my head gets colder easily.
Of course at least I have hair, most of my friends are bald, poor bastards.




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