Winter on an August Night( A Ghost Story)

This Story takes place in 1944, so obviously i was not there, but the story was told to me by one of the participants and i have no reason to doubt his story. It was told to me on an unusually cold August night in 1984, 40 years after the events that i am about … Continue reading Winter on an August Night( A Ghost Story)


Rik and Me( A Canadian Ballad)

Brushes with famous people happen with all of us, we encounter millions of people in our lifetime and sooner or later we intersect with someone who can be called famous. They may not be famous at the time, but become famous later in their lives and your little encounter will be forgotten by that person … Continue reading Rik and Me( A Canadian Ballad)

(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night

The culture of Saturday Night is the most used theme in Music and many great films of the last 100 years, and is always the one night of the week that many working people look forward to, and that is what this post is about. Friday nights end the work week and that night seems … Continue reading (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night

October 1976(From the archives of my Mind)

What sets off a memory,i have no idea but today one occurred. I received a C.D. from a friend in Texas and when i played it a whole slew of memory's came flashing back to me. They are not life altering memories and who knows maybe not all of them are real. But for some … Continue reading October 1976(From the archives of my Mind)

And Another Thing!

Just thought I would write down somethings that have been on my mind…ohh cookies, be right back……………………… here goes. Why does nobody dress up as Santa on Halloween? Seems to me that it would be the perfect time to do so. I used up a tube of lip balm for the first time today. How … Continue reading And Another Thing!

Skywiggles, the Flying Monkey

Cambridge has Flying Monkeys? who knew. Why Flying Monkeys? Not many people know this but the "winged warriors" of Oz fame have been around the Cambridge area well before I was able to capture and tame one.  As a matter of fact, back in 1898 a young writer named Frank L. Baum was traveling through these … Continue reading Skywiggles, the Flying Monkey