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Farewell, Sunnyview

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Growing up in Hespeler during the sixties and seventies there was a little variety store across the street from my house, it was called the Sunnyview dairy bar and it was like a second home to all the kids from that generation. From candy to chips to the best ice cream that i ever had we all adored the place and the owners always seemed to be good, in my time it was the chapels(I hope I spelled that right) and then it was Francis Deemert and they knew how to deal with us and while we had Eaton’s variety down the street the Sunnyview was closer and more attractive to us. I can remember as a 10-year-old waiting for Friday for my Dad to get his pay cheque and give me a quarter which i would immediately spend at the dairy, and in those days I could get a pop and a bag of chips and a few penny candy’s as well, my friends and I would take our goods and sit on the corner wall of my house and enjoy the bounty like we would never see it again. As I got older I would frequent it less and less and by the time i moved back to Hespeler as an adult the Sunnyview, while still going, was just not the same and over the years it changed owners too many times to count and every time it seemed to go downhill a bit more, and then last week the Inevitable happened. The Dairy had been closed for a few months when one day I was walking and I saw the Iconic Sunnyview Dairy bar sign come down, it’s life was over and in its place was a new smaller and might I say a little more drab sign saying Cooper Street Variety . When it reopens it will not be a place of memory’s but instead just another variety store that will most likely over charge for basic items and have no real identity. The sign that welcomes my friends and I and others in to spend money has gone and so I say with sadness

Farewell,Sunnyview, you served us well.

  1. ask the new owners if you can have the original sign!!!! sentimental value to you! It would look great in someones kitchen or recroom. I also spent many days going to Sunnyview with my friends…..great big cones!!!

    just a thought……

  2. If I ever see them I will be asking where the sign went. Right now the windows are just papered over but I will keep everyone up to date on it. And thanks to everyone who has read this story and commented here and when they have seen me.

  3. remember it well… we’d try and ‘talk’ Dad into going by there after church on Sunday nights (we lived in Galt, so it wasn’t *really* on the way home) – and he did many a summer night. Big icecream cones were their signature. In my teens, I went there with dates and learned all sorts of things about eating icecream (lol)… and more recently, I’ve taken my kids there for a treat – we biked down the rail train from Preston to get there. I’ll miss the place!

    ps. if you can get the sign, consider getting it put up ‘in the community’ somewhere rather than in someone’s basement… maybe Ernie’s has a spot or in the Hespeler Library or something.

  4. Well it appears that the sign is gone forever. According to the new owners it was broken while being taken down and the former owners took it with them. Most likely never to be seen again.

  5. Times they are a changing Or the signs of the times. Or signs of times gone by!

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