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Jennifer Juniper (The woman behind the song)

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Who do Rock Stars love to date? Why Models of Course and Donovan leitch was no exception. In 1968 Donovan released the single Jennifer Juniper from the Hurdy Gurdy man album and hit #26 on the North American charts, the song itself is 2:40 seconds of pure mirth but it sticks in your head when you hear it and is one of those songs that just won’t go away. But who is Jennifer Juniper?
She is a very interesting character in the world of music, Jennifer Juniper is Jenny Boyd and if the name sounds familiar that is because she is the sister of Pattie Boyd the former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton and the inspiration for the song Layla that I wrote about in an earlier article. Jenny was also at one time married to Mick Fleetwod of Fleetwood Mac Fame and of course was the sister-in-law of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton.
Jenny’s real name Helen Mary Boyd and was born in 1947, she was a fashion model in London during the swinging 60’s where she met Donovan and dated him for a short period and attended the training session’s with the Beatles at the residence in India of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in ’68. She married Mick Fleetwood not once but twice and divorced him both times and she was also married to the drummer Ian Wallace of the prog Rock band King Crimson(I guess she had a thing for drummers). In the late ’80’s she earned a PH.D. in Psychology from from UCLA and is now a clinical consultant and an author having written a book about  music and psychology called ‘Musicians in Tune”. Today Jennifer Juniper Resides quietly in London England.


Old Fashioned Hespeler Hot Tub!

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You don’t need a lot of money to build a hot tub, just old-fashioned Hespeler smarts!

Some Changes

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Cooper street relic started out as a site for myself to record some memory’s of my life and now roughly 400 story’s and over 21,000 visitors later it is time to change things up a little. I will still write my little diddy’s, but one thing that will change, is that The Relic will become more of a music and Entertainment site focusing on the music of my youth and the music I listen to today. I will also will occasionally touch on movies and Television, and on books but they will be secondary to the Music. The site will become an all-inclusive site with no set list of story’s, it will be scatter-shot and for that I apologize. To all of you, thank you and hope you keep reading.  Jimm Hillis

My Dad, An Inspiration For what I do.

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Farewell, Sunnyview

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Growing up in Hespeler during the sixties and seventies there was a little variety store across the street from my house, it was called the Sunnyview dairy bar and it was like a second home to all the kids from that generation. From candy to chips to the best ice cream that i ever had we all adored the place and the owners always seemed to be good, in my time it was the chapels(I hope I spelled that right) and then it was Francis Deemert and they knew how to deal with us and while we had Eaton’s variety down the street the Sunnyview was closer and more attractive to us. I can remember as a 10-year-old waiting for Friday for my Dad to get his pay cheque and give me a quarter which i would immediately spend at the dairy, and in those days I could get a pop and a bag of chips and a few penny candy’s as well, my friends and I would take our goods and sit on the corner wall of my house and enjoy the bounty like we would never see it again. As I got older I would frequent it less and less and by the time i moved back to Hespeler as an adult the Sunnyview, while still going, was just not the same and over the years it changed owners too many times to count and every time it seemed to go downhill a bit more, and then last week the Inevitable happened. The Dairy had been closed for a few months when one day I was walking and I saw the Iconic Sunnyview Dairy bar sign come down, it’s life was over and in its place was a new smaller and might I say a little more drab sign saying Cooper Street Variety . When it reopens it will not be a place of memory’s but instead just another variety store that will most likely over charge for basic items and have no real identity. The sign that welcomes my friends and I and others in to spend money has gone and so I say with sadness

Farewell,Sunnyview, you served us well.

Give me back my Klacker

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In the spring of 1968 i fell in love. Not with a girl or a dog but with a toy. The KLACKER to be precise. What is a klacker you ask, well let me tell you, it was a magnificent piece of weaponry, 2 acrylic balls attached to a sturdy workman like piece of string that when banged together could drive a parent crazy, and i had to just have one. A light blue transparent one at that.
Some scrawny kid like me could own one of these, jump over a 6 foot high fence and smoke the local bully. Yeah, that was going to be me. Jack, the neighborhood tough guy wouldn’t get the best of me anymore. That psychopathic grin would get wiped off his face really quick and than i would dance over his fallen body like David over Goliath, oh yeah, that 11 year old 130 lb walking jelly bowl was going down. Or so i thought. As i gathered my nerve and as my friends waited timidly around the corner i approached the lug and started to stare him down, he didn’t flinch, i approached a little bit more slinging my klackers like like a gunslinger in the old west and then it happened, he pulled a giant slingshot out of his overalls and started to fire spitballs at me. One by one they stung me and drove me back to cover behind the closest garbage pail and there i waited for the cavalry to arrive but realized that the Cavalry had run for cover as well and vanished into the school and the safety of the Nuns leaving me alone to face Jack one on one. It seemed like i was there for over an hour[probably just about a minute] when i got my courage up, got the klackers swinging good and rose,ready to face my final moments, i came flying out from behind that garbage can and ran smack into the body of Sister Aloysius, all 6 feet and 150 lbs of her. I went down like a rock ,my klackers flying out of my hands and landing at her feet, her evil grin even made the bully Jack cringe, and she had me at her mercy, and Jack was standing behind her grinning that psychopathic grin of his. I was doomed.
I wound up with a detention and had my Klackers taken away for 3 days, a punishment that seemed worse than death, and while i eventually got over that moment, the tension between Jack and i never cleared up but we stayed away from each other from then on. For me A moral victory and 3 day’s later i got my klackers back. All was well again.
And i wonder, did anybody ever get Jack? Did they get away or did Jack get revenge? And i wonder where Jack went? Is he living now on a chain gang in Alabama somewhere breaking rocks with his fists and dancing with a good ole boy named Bubba? One can only dream.

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