A Perfect Day

Finally I am going to have enough money to do what i want and help whomever i can. I can now own the car of my dreams and even retire at a young age.  Just think with all the money i am going to have I will be able to help the City fix the roads a bit, I may be even able to help pay for Drayton and If anybody needs help paying some legal bills there will be money for that. The city can even save some money in their winter budget as I can afford to pay for the snow ploughing in my area and Karl, maybe I can help with your arena plans,just give me a call. I can now upgrade my wardrobe and buy even better t-shirts and blueJeans, hell I can now own 3 pair of Jeans(I don’t want to overdo it though). Winter in Florida here I come, maybe even buy myself Seasons Tickets to the Leaf Games, boy the things I can do with all this Money and all i have to do to get it is send my banking information to the Nigerian Prince that apparently I am related to, man this will be fun. Oh and I still have 3 wishes to do according to that naked Genie that I found in my Wifes closet last night, could this day get any better?


4 Replies to “A Perfect Day”

  1. A naked Genie? I really hope you didn’t have to “rub the bottle” to get the wishes….but if needed you could take it to all those illegal massage parlours the police and city know about but do nothing about……

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