How to care for your yard!

Home owners all care about their yards, and to help you with the task of keeping your yards good-looking, I have some ideas to share with you. We all like vegetables(except for Asparagus), and just think over the summer for just a small investment in seeds you could save over $50 and you only need … Continue reading How to care for your yard!


Chris Ethridge:Death Of a Flying Burrito

John Christopher "Chris" Ethridge II died on Monday at the age of 65, so who was Chris Ethridge? Most people reading this will not know who he is and perhaps don't really care, after all his death comes so soon after Levon Helm and Dick Clark that it may not register as a human interest … Continue reading Chris Ethridge:Death Of a Flying Burrito

The Vinyl Revolution

As a child of the 60's and 70's the vinyl record was one thing that we took for granted, whether it was hearing my older brothers Elvis 45's or having to listen to my Older sister play her Donny Osmond Albums, heck even hearing my Dad play his Glen Miller 78's, Music back then was … Continue reading The Vinyl Revolution

Don’t you have Some laundry to Do?

Woman and Men have been at odds for ever and will continue until times end, and as the saying goes A Dog is Man's best Friend and that is for many reasons. At least a dog stops whining when you let him into the house, and at night if i hear a noise, the Dog … Continue reading Don’t you have Some laundry to Do?