The Sunny Side of Life

Life is a struggle. The economy has gone in the crapper. Every day you go to work,put up with the crap,fight traffic to get home, find out there is work to do there, check your mail and find your Hydro bill,your cable bill,your car insurance bill,your tax bill and then realize you are out of beer, and to hell with it all you say. Well relax and let’s look at the sunny side of life, the little things that make the world a better place.
Having had the chance to see your kids grow up, taking their first steps, saying their first words. Walking with the dog and relaxing by the falls while he runs and enjoys himself. Sitting in the backyard, the BBQ cooking the steaks, a cold beer and good friends with you. Being able to communicate with your family any time you feel like it. Watching the snow fall, watching a thunder and lightning show outside. Smelling the warm spring rain. Watching a hockey game. Coming home and knowing that your better half understands your moods. Smelling the laundry when it first comes out of the dryer. Sitting in the stands at a ballgame soaking up the sun. Going thru old pictures and remembering the old day’s. Running into an old friend and realizing he has aged more than you. Finishing painting a room that you have left un-painted for months. Watching an old Bogart Movie.Listening to Nina Simone sing “Don’t let me be misunderstood”. Having your Grandkids giving you a hug for no other reason than you are you. Being able to see your Grandchildren grow up. Knowing that your kids are going to be alright. Finding a $10 dollar bill in your shorts from last summer. Fitting into your shorts from last summer. Knowing that Canada is still the greatest country in the world. Watching wildlife in it’s natural habitat. Watching the sunrise and seeing a sunset that just knocks your socks off. Knowing that you have put in a good day’s work and lived your life the best you could.
See it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many good things about your world, so enjoy them while you can and feel free to add your own to this list.

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