A Hespeler Dad gets his revenge

The old saying is of course Payback is a bitch and in this story it is dead on, so let me tell you.
Like all teenagers i managed to steal some beer and liquor off my dad on weekends, i mean who didn’t. The thing was he never really said a word about and i was able to do it for a number of years and never thought of the consequences until years later. I had recently separated from my wife and had moved back to my Parents home to re-group and try to start all over and my father got his revenge. One Saturday i had picked up a 24 of Heineken and put it in my basement refrigerator and went out to do some things and about 3 hours later returned home and went to grab a beer, well guess what? Yep, most were gone, now i was used to my Dad grabbing one or two but 20? It seems a couple of his buddies had come over and my Dad had only 2 of his beer left so he felt now was the time to raid my fridge and raid it they did, leaving me with 4 and a trip to the beer store to replenish my stock[this was before Sunday beer store hours] for the weekend. When i returned I looked at my Dad and the grin on his face said it all…This is how a Hespeler Dad get’s his revenge!

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3 Replies to “A Hespeler Dad gets his revenge”

  1. my mom,,back in the day when the beer store delivered,,many moons ago would order a 6 pack,,unbeknowest to my father and stick it in the crisper.
    my baby brother was under school age and home.. ma would finish doing something and sit down,ask joe to get her a beer,,and he would faithfully run to the crisper and bring it to her.
    one night and i remember this as if it were yesterday,,dad brought home a 12 pack and put it in the fridge..
    after a while he asked ma if she wanted a beer,,where upon joe yelled i’ll get it” and retrieved 2 from the crisper.
    can you spell busted ?

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