Too late to report this?

With all the hoopla over the recent situation in Kitchener where a Father was arrested when his daughter drew a picture of a gun I just wonder what would have happened if my teachers had have seen this picture.   That’s me grinning away in the front.


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  1. Funny thing…. I was musing on a similar scenario. My Father was a marksmen with many long and hand guns. As a member of the Galt Sportsmen’s Club at age 5, I was the youngest member and often shot a very cute little pistol at the range. I’m certain I could have drawn this little piece in great detail. It was also common for us to go to hunt or skeet shoot on weekends. And we also handled the guns at home when we did the routine cleaning and oiling. Ironically, Dad taught at the GCI. I guess he could have lost his job????

  2. Many of us had weapons back then, and still do. Many l know have refused to report how many guns they have and of what type. Age seems to have erased many serial #’s on my old bean flickers. Notice how the old corner gun dealers seem to be moving on. James, l have seen this picture before of the clan and it is priceless. Memories such as this deserve a frame. Is that a 22 cal. your holding? Heck, I remember when we used to be able to buy stuff at Canadian Tire and animal traps at Simpson Sears.

  3. while i am not a hunter or have any real interest anymore in guns it is sad that our culture today has such a fear of them that something like what happened in Kitchener will most likely happen again, now where is my Johhny 7 toy gun set?

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