Friends for Life

My Mother and her childhood friends.


The Chase

Jim's Note: I wrote this a few years ago and it has been one of the most read articles on my Blog, so I thought I would run it again. One thing about my family is that you come to expect the unexpected. And when you throw a Nun,my Dad, a couple of shots of … Continue reading The Chase

The Sunny Side of Life

Life is a struggle. The economy has gone in the crapper. Every day you go to work,put up with the crap,fight traffic to get home, find out there is work to do there, check your mail and find your Hydro bill,your cable bill,your car insurance bill,your tax bill and then realize you are out of … Continue reading The Sunny Side of Life

Spring and a Young Mans Fancy

It is amazing how things change in your life and as Spring approaches it has never been more obvious. As a Young man the incoming warm weather was a harbinger of good times to come. You would look forward to the young ladies getting out of their winter coverings and don the clothes of spring, … Continue reading Spring and a Young Mans Fancy

A Hespeler Dad gets his revenge

The old saying is of course Payback is a bitch and in this story it is dead on, so let me tell you. Like all teenagers i managed to steal some beer and liquor off my dad on weekends, i mean who didn't. The thing was he never really said a word about and i … Continue reading A Hespeler Dad gets his revenge