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Friends for Life

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My Mother and her childhood friends.


The Chase

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Jim’s Note: I wrote this a few years ago and it has been one of the most read articles on my Blog, so I thought I would run it again.

One thing about my family is that you come to expect the unexpected. And when you throw a Nun,my Dad, a couple of shots of brandy and the Jehovah Witness,you wind up with an interesting afternoon. Such an occurrence happened and thank the lord I was there to witness it.
The year is hazy but i was still in high school so I guess it would have been around 1972 or 1973. My mother’s sister was in fact a sister. Aunt Grace to us but Sister Francis Regis to the rest of the world. She always loved to come home to Cooper Street and sit out on the back patio talking to my mom and dad and enjoying the family life. This day she and my dad had opened the brandy and had a couple of shots when the doorbell rang and my Dad got up to answer it, when he came back he told Aunt grace that there were two Jehovah Witness’s at the door and he had told them that there was someone who wanted to talk to them and they waiting patiently at the front door for her. Now in those day’s the Nun’s still wore all the habits and as luck would have it my Aunt’s was on the chair beside her and she gladly threw them on and went to the door. but what happened after that is why this story sticks in my mind. Walking briskly up cooper Street were 2 Jehovah Witness’s being pursued by a Catholic Nun in all her glory yelling “come back, we have a lot to talk about”, never had i been more amused at something my family had pulled off and i swear my Dad almost split a gut laughing so hard heck even my Aunt and my mom could hardly stop laughing. Ah Summer, memory’s are made of this. Aunt Grace is no longer with us but every time I think of her I have to smile. I mean how could a little woman like this scare two grown men, really?

The Sunny Side of Life

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Life is a struggle. The economy has gone in the crapper. Every day you go to work,put up with the crap,fight traffic to get home, find out there is work to do there, check your mail and find your Hydro bill,your cable bill,your car insurance bill,your tax bill and then realize you are out of beer, and to hell with it all you say. Well relax and let’s look at the sunny side of life, the little things that make the world a better place.
Having had the chance to see your kids grow up, taking their first steps, saying their first words. Walking with the dog and relaxing by the falls while he runs and enjoys himself. Sitting in the backyard, the BBQ cooking the steaks, a cold beer and good friends with you. Being able to communicate with your family any time you feel like it. Watching the snow fall, watching a thunder and lightning show outside. Smelling the warm spring rain. Watching a hockey game. Coming home and knowing that your better half understands your moods. Smelling the laundry when it first comes out of the dryer. Sitting in the stands at a ballgame soaking up the sun. Going thru old pictures and remembering the old day’s. Running into an old friend and realizing he has aged more than you. Finishing painting a room that you have left un-painted for months. Watching an old Bogart Movie.Listening to Nina Simone sing “Don’t let me be misunderstood”. Having your Grandkids giving you a hug for no other reason than you are you. Being able to see your Grandchildren grow up. Knowing that your kids are going to be alright. Finding a $10 dollar bill in your shorts from last summer. Fitting into your shorts from last summer. Knowing that Canada is still the greatest country in the world. Watching wildlife in it’s natural habitat. Watching the sunrise and seeing a sunset that just knocks your socks off. Knowing that you have put in a good day’s work and lived your life the best you could.
See it’s not all doom and gloom. There are many good things about your world, so enjoy them while you can and feel free to add your own to this list.

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A Day Off

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It is not often that I have a day off during the week but that is what happened today and after doing all the chores that my wife assigned me I headed out and took a few pictures. This is the result(pretty lazy way to do a post, don’t ya think?)

Spring and a Young Mans Fancy

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It is amazing how things change in your life and as Spring approaches it has never been more obvious.

As a Young man the incoming warm weather was a harbinger of good times to come. You would look forward to the young ladies getting out of their winter coverings and don the clothes of spring, you would look forward to beer runs through the back roads of the area with your friends and of course the eventual trips to Wasaga or Sauble beach. The fresh air of springtime would mean putting away the hockey equipment and pulling out the baseball bats and listening to the sound of the ball hitting the leather of the glove. It would be the smell of my Dad barbecuing steaks and burgers and the smell of fresh-cut grass. But now spring means something else.

You look out your window and as you smell the fresh air you realise that your yard is a mess and you are going to have to waste a full weekend just cleaning up the debris from the melting snow. And then you find spots where new grass is needed, a tree or bush needs to be trimmed or a branch or two needs to be removed that has been damaged during the winter. And instead of smelling the burgers and steaks cooking on the grill you have to clean and perhaps repair the BBQ that you know you put away in october in good shape.  You then notice that your car interior and exterior had a rough winter and needs to be spring cleaned, which is okay but it is no longer a souped hot rod that will impress the chicks, but a full size passenger van that you want to clean before the Wife starts bitching at you. And you don’t even want to think about the cleaning in the house that your Wife has lined up. The closest thing to playing ball for a few weeks is cleaning out the shed and moving all your summer stuff to the front and the winter stuff to the back, and putting your glove and bat near the front door, and the smell of fresh-cut grass, well first you have to get the lawn mower working and then it is you that have to cut it.  So it is spring and a young mans fancy turns to….rats, more yard work, thank God for Beer.

A Hespeler Dad gets his revenge

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The old saying is of course Payback is a bitch and in this story it is dead on, so let me tell you.
Like all teenagers i managed to steal some beer and liquor off my dad on weekends, i mean who didn’t. The thing was he never really said a word about and i was able to do it for a number of years and never thought of the consequences until years later. I had recently separated from my wife and had moved back to my Parents home to re-group and try to start all over and my father got his revenge. One Saturday i had picked up a 24 of Heineken and put it in my basement refrigerator and went out to do some things and about 3 hours later returned home and went to grab a beer, well guess what? Yep, most were gone, now i was used to my Dad grabbing one or two but 20? It seems a couple of his buddies had come over and my Dad had only 2 of his beer left so he felt now was the time to raid my fridge and raid it they did, leaving me with 4 and a trip to the beer store to replenish my stock[this was before Sunday beer store hours] for the weekend. When i returned I looked at my Dad and the grin on his face said it all…This is how a Hespeler Dad get’s his revenge!

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Too late to report this?

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With all the hoopla over the recent situation in Kitchener where a Father was arrested when his daughter drew a picture of a gun I just wonder what would have happened if my teachers had have seen this picture.   That’s me grinning away in the front.

The Old Water Tower.

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