That old time feeling

The radio on my boyhood dresser was an old tabletop model with tubes.
The top was cracked and at high volume, the busted brown plastic made
it screech. My father got it when a great-aunt died i think, and it
looked like the type of thing you would get at a junkyard. It was the
greatest treasure he ever gave me. For with that radio he opened a new
world that was hard to forget. As a ten year old the sounds that came
out of that cracked jewel on my dresser changed my world. The Everly
brothers, the Righteous Brothers, Simon and Garfunkle,Marvin Gaye came
pouring out of that box like Angels from heaven. I had discovered music
that my parents did not listen to. Sure my older brother and sister
played their records and listened to their radios, BUT, THIS WAS MY
RADIO,and no one was going to tell me what to listen to anymore. Elvis
was the other generation and when i heard She Loves You by the Beatles
and the first scream by my Dad and Mom to TURN IT DOWN i knew i had
found my calling. Music,MY MUSIC, would be my salvation, it would set
me free and make me different from my big brother and sister,it would
allow me to define myself and create a world that i could call my own.
It was CHUM,CHAM,CKWR,CFTR, all radio stations playing MY music. The
Beatles, the Monkees, Neil Diamond, songs like Louie Louie, Gloria,
Satisfaction,Go all the way and Moondance would be my break from
reality. I could drift away in a Rock and Roll Lullabye. And as the
’60s morphed into the ’70s, music defined my teenage years. Pink
Floyd,Led Zeepelin and Rush may have replaced the Doors, the Beatles
and Simon and Garfunkle, but that radio, even though long gone,still
held in my soul a very special place. Now in 2006 and i am listening to
my CD’s on my surround sound system, i still think back to that night
when i first turned on that radio in 1967 and the strange noise began
to emerge from that box. The voice sounded so sad,the sound so rich,
the melody’s so tight i was dumstruck by it all”You’ve lost that loving
feelin”. I can tell you i have never lost that loving feeling for the
world of music. All thanks to my Father and that old cracked music box.
Somewhere out in the stratosphere and the cosmos an old radio is
playing”bring it on back,baby please, brink back that loving feeling”

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  1. oh jimm you are so innocent, do you really think that you have complete controll over your will never have that controll, you have to share.But ut is nice to dream.And how come you got a radio, all i ever got was dad yelling that music is gonna kill you yet.

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