Underpants and Galoshes

Now that i have your attention: The title of this piece refers to words that tickle my funnybone. Everyone has those words, little things that make you laugh. So without delay here is a list of some words that do it for me. Bagpipes-Kumguat-dribble-wonky-velcrow-bonk-flop-quagmire-crevasse-trousers-punkydoodle-Bush[oh sorry, he just makes me laugh]-homo erectus-belfry-shenanigans-haberdashy-titmouse-smurf-hullabaloo-bamboozle-crumpets-wiffleball-dildo-crevice-glockenspiel-kalamazoo-cucamonga-guacamole-spleen-conservative[refer to bush]-swifter-walla walla-schnitzel- well … Continue reading Underpants and Galoshes


Passing of time

The Hespeler girls at little dam 1942. Mary McLaughlin[Hillis],Betty Roscoe[Rabb],Betty Garside[Brueckner],Shirley Connor[Beatty],Irene Kendry[Constant] Hespeler Girls at the old damn. Early 1940's Hespeler Girls 60 odd years later. Powered by ScribeFire.

Yes, I am my Dad.

It was inevitable that we grow old and change as we do, But the question is , when did I become like my dad? Growing up I never thought this would happen but tonight reality struck home and i realized that no matter how hard I try, the transformation is almost complete. I have fond memory's of my … Continue reading Yes, I am my Dad.

Cambridge’s Original Rock Stars

August 1975 I am cruising down a country road outside of Hespeler and suddenly on the radio I hear the distinctive sounds of Major Hoople's Boarding House, 'I'm running after you" blares out of the speakers and my friends and I grin because, hell, that is a band that we know and to hear them … Continue reading Cambridge’s Original Rock Stars